House Party: Before the Review!

This simulation is not for kids... and it's not safe for work either.

In House Party, you get a college dose of drinking, dancing, fights, sex, and other craziness. The game is still in Early Access, and the developers poke fun at that fact but... its functional and ratings are very positive on Steam. This game seems to get a real rise out of some gamers.

You're basically the friend of the popular guy, and so you're taking advantage of an invite he gave you as you mingle for better or worse with other party-goers. If you play your cards right, you can build friendships and even affection... but you can also find yourself laying on the ground after a fresh K.O.

We aren't going to review the game in early access... that would be premature, but my experience with it was interesting (I was knocked out a few times after being caught with booze... but not the drunk guy). I would have liked to see more party games, but maybe they'll add them in as the game reaches it's official release date.

You have a backyard for beanbag toss, there should be an area for darts, and billiards too. The game challenges you to be social without being offensive and rude... with the goal of having sexy time. I'll leave it at that (and i'll save the review for later)... but check out the official description for House Party below!


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