FTS - Fishing: North Atlantic

Ocean simulation “Volumetric Water” to make some waves in the newest part of the Fishing simulation brand

Moenchengladbach/Germany, August 30, 2019 - The success story continues: With Fishing: North Atlantic, astragon Entertainment and developer Misc Games will release a successor to the simulation hit Fishing: Barents Sea in 2020. Lots of new features, fish species, fishing methods and, of course, ships are set to delight fishery fans around the globe. As the game’s title already suggests, players will also be able to discover a brand-new setting: The Canadian province of Nova Scotia and the North Atlantic Ocean will be offering an exciting backdrop for even more extensive fishing expeditions. Another interesting news for players is the cooperation of Misc Games with the UK software studio Simul Software. Misc Games will use the already well-known weather renderer true SKY from Simul for Fishing: North Atlantic, but also their realistic ocean renderer Volumetric Water, which is currently still in development.

Watch the teaser trailer of Fishing: North Atlantic

While the open source ocean simulation Ocean Project used in Fishing: Barents Sea reproduced the waves of the Barents Sea only as adjustable sine curves, Volumetric Water will be able to calculate the waves by taking the in-game wind direction and intensity into account, which will result in a more realistic water behaviour including wave breaking. Moreover, the new water shader provides natural transparency and light reflections on the water surface.

Additionally, Misc Games plans to develop a completely new buoyancy algorithm for Fishing: North Atlantic to ensure realistic buoyancy for every ship in the game. Fans can also look forward to seeing and steering lots of new ships and boats which will come in a varied mix of different sizes, shapes and functions.

Detailed particle effects will display water displacement, water turbulences as well as wake and therefore ensure that Fishing: North Atlantic will provide an immersive fishing simulation experience.

Fishing: North Atlantic will be released 2020.

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