Call of Duty: Modern Warfare... REBOOTED!

We could just do a standard post about this game... but (yeah) that's not happening. Not because it's COD, but because this is a... (soft) reboot of COD's Modern Warfare, which should've been rebooted a few installments ago if you ask me. It's all good though, it's here... so it is what it is as long as they take it in the right direction to actually be a new experience.

They could totally take a sub-series like Modern Warfare in a direction with a feel that doesn't feel like it's just one upping the previous Black Ops installment and before that series takes the next leap. All it takes is the right amount of creativity, the right amount of freedom, and the right amount of time to make it happen. Both the developer and the gamer win then... because you'd actually get something different from both which would allow you to look forward to them both (even if released in the same year). I'm not saying that they should be released in the same year, but you would have something to look forward to respectively because its exclusive to that sub-series.

Anyway... here is the trailer and keep your head on a swivel as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare moves in October 25th, 2019 with both single-player, and... multiplayer modes that I equally look forward to.


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