Arm & Hammer Products... Reviewed!

Today I thought it would be a great idea to throw a left-field review at you, sort of a mini-review... because there isn't much to review but... a review nonetheless.

Team Arm & Hammer wanted to send us over a few products to try out and... I was definitely game because my garbage disposal was smelling something fierce. The word for today is... YIKES!!! Normally I'd slices of lemon and a little bleach and ice to freshen it up. That method works, but so does the Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner.

This particular cleaner requires you to follow three steps:
  1. Run water + Disposal for one minute
  2. Turn off disposal + Reduce the running water
  3. Drop-in capsule + Run disposal for 15 seconds

It's a simple process, and I don't have to beware of bleach splashing on my clothing. Outside of the ease of use... it actually smells really good and makes me forget about my sink smelling like it just barfed. I still feel that it's necessary to drop ice inside just in case there is any crap lingering on the blades, but... other than that Arm & Hammer's Garbage Disposal Cleaner balls work (with the power of baking soda).

Realistically I could see myself utilizing these throughout the year, but... price wise I'd prefer a $4.99 price tag. I guess $8.69 could fly if I use them once per month (even if they advise using it at least twice per week), but the head turners for me are the bulk prices... that align with my preferred price tag. You can get two packs for $9.99 or four-packs for $14.99. So they played it to where you'd buy more because it's more beneficial to purchase more.

Overall, the Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner is an easy to use product, that smells good and makes the process of cleaning my easier.

Usefulness 5

Ease Of Use 5

Scent 5

Price 3 (Based on the individual price)

4.5 out of 5 Cool Points

Secondly, we were also provided with the Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash... that cleans (well) Fruit & Vegetables.

I'm the guy at the grocery store that places his bananas in a bag because I don't want them touching the shopping cart or the conveyor belt at checkout, so... I really like this. Being related to chefs... I aware of more than a few cleaning methods, including using a little bleach mixed with water to help clean produce. Yeah... that bleach again, but its never enough to be a concern... but I usually just stick to hot water.

Comparing my usual route with the Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash... it's really no comparison. It works, and works well. My main thing was the ingredients:

Seeing the before and after... just makes me think of the crap ingested when the cleaning process isn't as successful. Having less of that going in gives me more peace of mind... even if a good chunk of the time you can find us chowing down on fast food. That said... I still don't want pesticides on my fruits and veggies if I can help it.

Here are the results as shown by Arm & Hammer:

Here is the result I got after using the product. I wasn't going to clean them all at the moment, but... here is one I sprayed compared to another fresh out of the container:

I'm not sure if you can tell by the image, but... it works. There is a lot more film on the one towards the back, compared to the one I sprayed.

You also get a 3 step process with this product... which is spraying, rubbing, and rinsing. I have a love-hate relationship with step 2... because rubbing a bunch of grapes... absolutely sucks, but I like the benefits of it (I would usually just spray hot water through them.

By the way, there was no taste or smell left on the grapes.

Price-wise, the Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash comes in at... $6.37 (for a 16.9oz bottle). It works, but the sweet spot for me would be $3.99... and I think they know that too because you can get a 3 pack for $12.74. That's not off by much, but I guess they figure the incentive to save will be to buy in bulk.

Overall, this is a really cool product... even if I feel that pesticides set into the fruits and vegetables to a degree, it doesn't hurt to clean off what I can (especially if I'm going to eat the non-organic versions).
Usefulness 5

Ease Of Use 5

No aftertaste 5

Price 3 (Based on the individual price)

4.5 out of 5 Cool Points

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