Hurricanes & Games

While we wait on the slowest hurricane ever to pass... (please please pass us by!), I'm doing a little something different. - RkRk

I thought it was going to come and go by now, I ate all my freaking snacks. - Luis D. Lucha

All my candy is gone. - RkRk

Have you gone to the dentist yet? I get concerned. - Yang

Dad... I assure you my teeth are fine, I brush twice a day! Three times on weekends! - RkRk

That wasn't my question, son. - Yang

Shots fired. - Luis D. Lucha

I was talking to both of you. - Yang

Worry about your own grill. - Luis D. Lucha

Yes! Now... on to my post! I've packed this post with as much fun as possible to keep you entertained while you're waiting for things to level out in your city. Stay safe! - RkRk

We're in Orlando with fingers crossed, especially for the people I've talked to who are still expected to go to work until their supervisors feel they should stay home. - Blu

I would lose that job because I'm not going to be in a picture hanging up with the caption "This Idiot Showed Commitment!". - Luis D. Lucha

Hehe - Blu

I'll get the ball rolling with Gamescom 2019's opening night... after a prank! - RkRk

I don't know what I would've done in this situation, but now that you've gotten a laugh... it's game time baby!

Did you see the Alan Wake-ish game releasing on Stadia? I wonder if that inspired them to make it. - RkRk

There have been games way before Alan Wake... remember Luigi's Mansion, and even games prior to that? Alan Wake was about 10 years about, Luigi's Mansion was almost two decades ago. Game looks fun though. - Blu

Jeff Keely looked like he needed to take a dump at one point. - Luis D. Lucha

Ha! - RkRk

Of the new games... Disintegration really caught my eye. I wouldn't mind strapping in and logging a few hours. Oh yeah... Philips sent us a package, so expect a tech review as soon as possible! - Blu

Now on to day 2... after a shameless plug! - RkRk

Wait... wait! I actually have the old PC franchise of Blair Witch! I'm immediately reminded of this crazy woman who accused my best friend and me of studying witchcraft because he owned the movie. It was one of the craziest encounters I've had. She reminded me of the crazy villagers of the past... with no logic in sight. - Blu

Never told us this. - Luis D. Lucha

I was just reminded of it. She got his Grandparents worked up and everything, but... luckily his sister knew what it was and explained - Blu

That's weird, was she Amish? - Yang

Not at all, but she was super religious. - Blu

There you go right there. Crazy. - Luis D. Lucha

Anyways... this is day 2 of Gamescom! - RkRk

 I wouldn't mind having a Stadia for those times that I need to download an update before I play a game. - RkRk

I've talked to quite a few people over the past two weeks, and Stadia came up twice. It's not a bad notion, and Google's more established than Onlive was... but I'm still paranoid. The Nintendo Switch and PC came up the most, but I'm seeing a lot of rereleased games on the Switch like the Wii U got. - Blu

I still wouldn't mind being able to hop in and out. I'm really getting tired of downloads and making space... remember swapping out hard drives on the 360? - RkRk

That sucked severely! - Luis D. Lucha

Game on... no matter the platform. - Blu

Yes sir! I think this should be enough content to fill up your downtime, but if it's not... check out some games and bundles! - RkRk

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