Disney... WTH are you doing now?

Disney reportedly planning the sale of their gaming division's FoxNext studio... with CEO Robert Iger wanting to leave the gaming market all together. 

They had Disney Infinity... but decided to pull the plug on that, which caused the loss of 300 jobs... so they need to make their final decision and stick with it.

To be fair they did acquire Marvel Strike Force developer, FoxNext, through the asset acquisition from Fox. It could be a good thing for FoxNext, if they're sold to the right buyer or... able to become an indie developer instead of the studio just being closed. Allowing them to become an indie developer would be the least Disney could do for a developer that has grossed $150 million for Marvel Strike Force by its first anniversary, but... I don't know. According to Bloomberg, FoxNext also has "Avatar" & "Aliens" games in development.

Luckily it doesn't mean the end of Disney games... as far as their properties are concerned, because they can license them out.

John Drake was brought on board to head up their games licensing. So... if they are planning on going strictly licensing-only, they'll be in better hands with a former PlayStation portfolio boss versus trying to figure things out themselves.

I would love to see what certain game developers could do with select Disney IPs.

I think Nintendo could do something wonderful with Mickey Mouse, because they already know how to bring the thunder with adventure games... and he could even be introduced to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan base in Epic Mickey form.

The original... Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers (Developed by Capcom on NES)... deserves a full blown remake too. Even if it was developed by Capcom, I would love to see what Studio MDHR could do with the IP. This studio developed the run & gun action game... Cuphead. I think they could bring Chip 'N Dale back in an eye catching way (as a platformer of course). By the way... Cuphead is also available on the Nintendo Switch, if you didn't know.

There are all sorts of games that can be made great... with the right studio, but will they ever see the light of day? I can't forget the Star Wars and Marvel universes either, magic awaits!

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