FANTASY MANGA + One Punch Man + PS4 Bundle Action + Stuff

You know what's funny... (growing up) I would always check out magazines and comic books starting from the last page. I knew it wasn't the right way, but reading manga that started from that side felt... weird.

Anyway... check out this Fantasy Manga bundle

Humble Manga Bundle: Fantasy by Kodansha Comics

By the way... fans of... One Punch Man can now rejoice after the announcement of Season 2.
There is so much that the anime can offer, and it has the host of heroes... in addition to the ever interesting hero Saitama (aka One Punch Man). Season 1 was awesome, but I hope to see more and hope that the truth comes out of how powerful Saitama really is to the people who think he's just some fraud or a low level hero.

 Plus... check out the PS4 bundle below.

Today was a bit busy, cold... but busy! We went to grab these heavy 6 foot tables from Maitland (next door to Orlando... what's up EA Tiburon!) and so I'm driving to the building for pick up... I look to my right and realize Qualcomm is across the street. I was like HOLY CRAP(!) and I totally forgot to take a picture. We were locked in on a conversation that I don't even remember... and it didn't dawn on me until we were in downtown Orlando headed back to the office.

Humble Indie PlayStation Bundle 2019

Oh yeah... I was chatting a little with ToyRage last night while he played Resident Evil 2. He thought my tip for the locker combination was just a lucky guess, but... not so much. When you're in the police station, a certain locker combination is CAP (short for CAPCOM). We were also discussing other game related stuff... and his jaw almost hit the floor because he thought I said Resident Evil Survivor was getting a remake. Not quite, but I think it should... and it should be a VR exclusive. I'd definitely make the game more cohesive and exciting to be worth the purchase, but I don't think they'd have anything to lose by giving VR fans that exclusive. I know assets matter, but VR doesn't get a lot of big exclusive titles... so it could be a win.

Image result for parasite eveA game ToyRage mentioned that I've mentioned in the past, was a Parasite Eve remake. That could be a remake... and a movie. Square Enix did it with Tomb Raider, and I think it would be amazing to see that franchise make a comeback in a big way (it has that potential). It would add a horror game to the line-up. I told him I'd reach out about RE Survivor VR... so we shall see what happens.

I didn't bother making the effort with Parasite Eve though... BECAUSE Square-Enix filed for a trademark in Europe which suggests that a game is in the works. That's exciting. Anyway... I hope you enjoyed the extra dose of... stuff in this post, time to get in some gaming... and I hope you do the same. Stay awesome!

Oh yeah, special thanks to Claire for the help yesterday (enjoy the VR headset)!

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