1More Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones... Reviewed!

A new package arrived, and you know what that means… it's unboxing time!

As you see… the package contains the 1More Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver Headphones, various ear tip sizes… which I love (I immediately switched to the small ones), a flat USB cord for charging, and… a storage bag. I appreciate them including this bag, and I'd even say that you'll need to use this often. I love headphones, and I like to make sure that the earpieces are clean and seldom if ever make contact with anything that isn't my ears or a carrying case. You can get away with sitting certain headphones down, but the earpieces dangle on these, so… the bag is a plus/necessity. These definitely go in the bag for storage, when they're charging, or they're placed where the earpieces are able to dangle without coming in contact with anything else (i.e. on a hook or something).

I also see that 1More included product concept art on the interior of this package as well. It's not as quality of a package as previously reviewed products, but... it's not bad, and I think they know they have something when it comes to adding that dose of artistic cool. I'm sure the artist definitely appreciates the fact that their design will live on for product owners to see (because you usually don't see the drawings of the final product or even the concept art).

When it came to deciding which pair to get… it was sort of a difficult decision (for me) between Platinum Gold, Spearmint Green, and Midnight Black. I even looked at Rose Pink… just to see what they looked like. If I were Cam'Ron during his pink era… that would've been a clear choice. Platinum Gold was the winner for me because the standard is Black in terms of most headphones (its classic but variety doesn't hurt), and Spearmint Green isn't really a color in my wardrobe. Even if I don't have a platinum gold outfit laying around… the color of these headphones looks nice with a variety of threads. Okay… okay… I confess that I do have a gold dragon Kung Fu uniform (and it's beautiful) but… realistically I wouldn't just wear that anywhere.

These headphones have a clean design, nothing over the top. You get what you need in a subtle design that's comfortable to the point that I even forgot that they were around my neck, literally. The fact that they have a shape-memory neckband… just may have a little something to do with that. The sturdy neckband has a built-in "Memory Metal" to make it malleable. Points for durability. Durable headphones are great… especially when they protect what keeps them functioning.

After charging… the first thing I did was listen to a number of audio tracks that varied in sound quality, enjoyed some movies (totally didn't know there was an Appleseed film after Ex Machina, but I didn't like it as much) + gameplay. I even listened to some rival college marching bands, and I have to say that these headphones deliver a solid sound for the most part. These aren't exactly the 1More Quad-Driver Headphones… but they do a great job with those lows, mids, and highs. I was watching something and could hear the clear vocals of the main actors + the ambiance in the restaurant scene that included silverware clinking against plates among the sea of patrons conversing. The audio was recorded right and the headphones didn't mesh the sounds together, plus there wasn't an annoying buzz when I increased the volume to the suggested safe peak.

The 1More Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver Headphones' design definitely helps the quality sound in these headphones. Not only are you working with one titanium + one graphene diaphragm, but the way its set up in the coaxial design… it allows for the extended frequency with the energy transfer. Phone calls are pretty clear… which includes Google Duo video chats when they aren't whistling like a tea kettle. I think that's the only time I got a bit of a buzz in these headphones, but they were coming out of my ear before I could double check. (Google, please work on that.)

The coaxial dual-dynamic design ensures a balance between the small diameter chamber resulting in premium sound quality. A back-to-back antistrophic coil layout helps to offset magnetic interference and keep the sensitivity high. An antistrophic coil layout also assists in maintaining the consistency of the sound wave propagation from the different diaphragms so you can enjoy superior audio performance. - 1More

Plus to give wireless headphones credit where credit is due… I'm not running out to workout and get active with wired headphones. These headphones do what they do in Bluetooth 4.2 while on the go, which could be up and down the basketball court, in the gym, grocery shopping, running through the airport (because your driver took the shortcut that everyone else knows about), cutting the grass or other places where a cord could get in the way.

The first thing I noticed was the bass, but… secondly was the connection in terms of distance with these headphones. You can get up to 30ft away from the connected device and maintain your connection (slightly longer than the length of a doubledecker bus). This allowed me to place a laptop or phone in the center of my home and go from one side to the next, although with the added factor of the walls... I experienced some turbulence. I was able to go as far as the sidewalk outside of my home and remain connected, it was choppy, but it had to be like 4 car lengths away from the phone (in the house).

When it comes to the charging, these headphones have a 3C battery. You may be wondering what in the heck type of battery that is, but it’s a type of battery that's great for fast charging. 1More says that we can get at least 3 hours of battery off of 10 minutes of charge time. I put it to the test… and… I don't know, maybe I left it on for 15 minutes or so because I got over 4 hours out of it. TWO THUMBS UP! Great to be able to get that kinda juice in so little time, although I'm a bit wary regarding the long-term life of a battery getting only 10 to 15 minutes of charge, so I'd say test how long it takes to charge your headphones. Run them from full to E at least once every two weeks as you proceed and give them their full 50 minutes of charge to keep the battery healthy (or how long it takes to charge them fully for you… if you use solar or lack a good outlet).

Tip: According to some professionals, new rechargeable batteries should be conditioned 3 to 4 times… before they can achieve maximum capacity. So those initial charges are crucial… which can be challenging when going up against the excitement for your new tech. Just think about the investment because you can get many years out of most if you treat them right or maximize your resell value.

The 1More Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver Headphones have a 125 mAh Lithium Battery… with a recorded time of up to 6 hours of steady use. Considering the fact that it doesn't take long to charge… I consider this a win, especially for those of you able to wear headphones at work.

Con: One thing I would've loved to see in this design is a magnetic tip on the ends of the neckband and headphone earpieces so they can attach without dangling when they aren't in use. I don't know how this would affect the quality of the headphones... but when I'm washing my hands or leaning over something, they have made contact with a surface or two. Tucking them into your shirt helps when they aren't in use, but the comfort of the neckband can come back to haunt you when you forget they're on your neck to tuck in.

Another thing I noticed with these headphones is that they disconnect at times. I could blame it on my phone... which shuts off its Bluetooth when the battery gets low, but... the same happened with my laptop while doing the review. It didn't happen all the time, so I don't know what the factors were that caused it to disconnect during the times that it did. It hasn't happened enough to really call it a con, but I am scratching my head because I don't know why.

1More is pretty good about revising products, so if this is something they can implement... that would be great.

Pricewise… these work at $79.99. They're not priced over the top, durable with protection in the right places like the PE SR Tube where you'd normally grab to place them in your ears, sounds good, and it has great range + battery life. These factors nail what they need to nail, so I can't really ask for anything else (beyond the con). Oh yeah, I can ask for something else… but they've already done it, and that's the fact that they look good and the simple control works without falling short. The controls are on the inside of the left neckband area, so you don't see them from the outside and I find it to be super easy to press from there. You have the main power button + the up and down volume… which works because they also double for the other needed buttons like play/pause/answer/skip/etc.

Overall, the 1More Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver Headphones were designed with style in mind, but they didn't skip out on quality in terms of the durability and audio quality.

Sound 5

Quality 5

Comfort 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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These headphones were supplied by 1More for the purpose of this review!