Watch This: The Walking Dead G.S. 1 - 3 + My Clementine Story

Image result for awesome clementine art the walking deadNow that we're in the final season... of our journey in The Walking Dead game franchise, we figured it would be cool to frightening walk down memory lane. So check out the playthrough action below... where the awesomeness of this emotional roller coaster builds up to the pending final season for the ever amazing, Clementine!

Amazing how you can connect with a game character huh? That's the power of great character development and an addicting storyline. My daughter is named, Clementine... as a result of me really connecting with the character in this story. I don't treat my baby girl like she's straight out of the game, but... I thought it was a cool name. Game on!

We'll get back to our regularly scheduled posts soon, just a lot of traveling going on... and I'm doing three reviews at once. By the way, thank you to everyone supporting us at the links below the posts!

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