Our Condolences to the Victims of David Katz

I've been asked and told... and told... and told again about what happened with the shooting in Jacksonville, FL. We're safe, we didn't attend the Madden tournament, but for the people who did... our sincere condolences go out to them. This goes double for the families who lost loved ones at hands of the sore loser who followed up his murderous rampage by taking his own life.

When I heard what happened, my heart sank. - Yang

I'm a gamer... like the majority of people that access our site, and while many of us are sensible people, there are others who give all gamers a really bad name. From the racists to the trolls, the cheaters/hackers, the sexists, the swatters, and now... the mass murderers. Gaming has seen some incredible (and I do mean INCREDIBLE) strides, but... this is the lowest of the low.

WTH man?! - Luis D. Lucha

How did this maniac get the gun into the venue? Based on reports, he shouldn't have had a gun in the first place if he truly was disturbed. Where were the metal detectors? What about security? There are all sorts of questions that can be asked... and should be answered by any venues making their locations available for future gaming events. People go to game and spectate... not die or have to see a friend or family member taken from them. No event is worth attending if your life is at risk... so that could decrease attendance greatly, and... EA was already in hot water (now this).

Long live great gamers... the others can take a hike! - RkRk

Jacksonville Landing will surely get a flood of lawsuits as a result of this gun-wielding maniac being a sore loser, and possibly EA if they were to ensure they had their own security measures in place. This also risks future game tournaments and conventions being banned in venues unwilling to take the risk of someone being butthurt over a loss because it could result in a major financial loss for them... by way of another potential mass shooting.

He beat plenty of gamers... but wants to kill when he gets beat? Pure loser. - Blu

Gaming is open to all that like to play... and unfortunately, that includes the scum of the earth. If this is you... and you can't take an L online or in person without damaging something or harming someone, stick with single player games. We can seriously do without you around because the risk isn't worth it. Not one of these scum can ever complain about new rules and regulations that further restrict gamers... because they're the ones responsible. These are the people who give companies a valid reason to put a stranglehold on certain things and I'm tired of them. They should seriously create they're own online community and stay there.

R.I.P... To The Fallen! - Super Duper Gamer Team

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