Phantom Doctrine

We received this game from the cool folks over at Good Shepard Entertainment recently, and so far I can sum it up in one word, addictive. - Yang 

I didn't play it yet, but it looks badass. I hesitate because I suck at RTS games. This is turn-based but still, I get a little intimidated. It's all good, I can kick back, eat snacks and enjoy the gameplay. - Luis D. Lucha

Phantom Doctrine pulled me in from the jump, and after getting a taste of the tutorial... I was ready for action. Not to downplay this story at all, but I think the developer (CreativeForge Games) could also create a Hitman game with a similar feel. The adventure would be different... so it wouldn't be stepping on this IPs toes. Anyway, check out Phantom Doctrine's info below and look forward to the pending review... after I've gotten the opportunity to actually dive deep into the story + the other ins and outs. Game on! - Blu

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