Watch This: That's Not SANTA

Duuuudddeee... watch this. We've been silent a few days, but content is cooking. The next tech review is coming soon and the continuation of last years "Night of the living Mannequins" is underway for October 2018. Gwahahaha! - Blu

I'd faint. I would literally faint. - Luis D. Lucha

Hahahahaaaa - Blu

You already know. I'd be gone... but there would be a trail of poop behind me. - RkRk

Coulda left that part out, we're about to eat. - Yang

What would you do? - RkRk

Run. - Yang

Remember you tried to run from that dog? LMAO OMG that was great. - Luis D. Lucha

That day... proved to me how fast you could actually run. lol Ahhhhahahaha - Blu

When you're scare you can do a lot of things. - Yang

That's the best and most hilarious response ever. - RkRk

It comes in second to your trail of poop. - Yang

I thought we were going to eat? - Luis D. Lucha

... - Yang

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