Will the ATARI VCS be similar to our SEGA Streamcast concept? Hmmm

The idea we had for a Sega Streamcast idea... was similar to a Steam Link, but it had its own interface, classic games built-in, discounts on Sega games for every owner of the unit and a way to stream movies (via Netflix, etc). It really sounds like it, but if its Linux based and they're leaving the door open to more... it may be the system for Linux users. One thing about Linux users, they may not get as much mainstream love... but they support those who show love to them (not just superficially).

If the Linux base was the main reason ATARI surpassed its $100,000 goal by over 2000% placing it in a multimillion-dollar pond of crowdfunding success... I'm not surprised. It could be based on the interest most may have in the modifications if it's truly customizable. If the ATARI VCS is something that allows you to swap out memory cards, graphics cards, and all that good stuff... it could truly be a different type of system worth the purchase (if its solid). If it's similar to a Steam Link or more so a Steam Machine... I wouldn't consider it competition to the big 3 at all... and that wouldn't be a bad thing. Right now it's still an enigma to most, but once they show and prove what it will be in its final form... that will help me determine whether its a yay or nay. I'll leave you with the video. Game on!

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