TellTaleGame's next move might be the best one... yet!

If you don't know... TellTaleGame's will be releasing its first title on Netflix. Yes... Netflix. They're clearly a game developer, but the way they present their games with the strong factor of storytelling... and the fact that the games are basically like films that you navigate in a number of ways... it's a perfect match.

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If there are any games able to make a splash on Netflix... its games from TellTale (hands down). Not based on my being a super fan or something, but you can kick back and be immersed their games from a casual standpoint. I think its the right fit for Netflix subscribers, gathering around ready to partake in a movie or show like experience... and their games are episodic.

So I think the next move could be their best move because it pairs well. I could even see them working on something exclusive for Netflix... not that I heard anything, but the subscriber base is there for major success. Minecraft: Story Mode is coming... and you'll be able to control it with your tv remote. This will probably work best or only work with the remotes that belong to the devices that run Netflix directly.

Another game I feel will be a great touch, is... The Walking Dead games. One thing I wouldn't want to come of this, is Netflix buying TellTaleGames... they have the freedom to do whatever they want and present their games on any/all platforms but it could be a great safety net if there is ever the risk of the doors closing. This gives Netflix games... without the being a platform for games, and it really feels like this was a predetermined event. I'll stop babbling, but I think this is awesome.


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