Watch This: BIG 3 Friday

What I like about this BIG 3 promo is how Cube adds a touch of the Friday franchise. - Blu

Can Last Friday just come out already?! - Luis D. Lucha

I think it was more organically funny in the first one, but the second one was cool. - RkRk

Yes... the first two are easily my fave. 1st then the 2nd. - Blu

I only like the first film. Bring back Smokey! - Yang

They want Chris Tucker back on the team... bad, but he felt he was way underpaid in the first. I think that was his first role which tends to happen, but... if they can pay him what he feels he's owed, he might be in it. - Blu

I hope so, he made the film what it was. - Yang

It was a great team dynamic, but yes... he was a trailblazer. Just like in Money Talks. - Blu

Awww man, I think I like that better than Friday. - Luis D. Lucha

It was a great movie, but I think they're different enough to get equal appreciation... at least from me. - Blu

Now I want to watch them. - RkRk

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