Windjammers: Limited Edition Flying Power Disc!

Windjammers is headed our way... yes, but get your hands on the Flying Power Disc Frisbee collectible from Wham-O while it's hot. We've had the pleasure receiving one from Wham-O and to be honest... the hardest thing to decide is... should we play with it or preserve it. Decisions! - Blu

Go Out and Play Windjammers: Wham-O Brings the Arcade to the Backyard With its Limited Edition Replica of the Flying Power Disc

DotEmu and Wham-O Release a Real-Life Windjammers Frisbee® in Celebration of the Arcade Game’s Re-Launch for PlayStation

Two of the most iconic games are joining forces. Wham-O, the legendary toy brand and creator of the original Frisbee®, announces it will be releasing a special edition Windjammers 175g Frisbee® in celebration of the classic nineties arcade game’s re-release for PS4 and PSVita on August 29. Wham-O’s real-life version of Windjammer’s “Flying Power Disc” will be sold exclusively at for the next month.

“We are super excited to be partnering with DotEmu as they re-launch one of everyone’s favorite arcade games,” says Olyvia Pronin, marketing director of Wham-O. “Now, fans of the game can enjoy Windjammers both on the screen and in their backyards.”

Originally launched in 1994, Windjammers is a sports arcade game in which players hurl a flying disc back and forth in various settings. French video game company DotEmu recently announced it would be re-launching the game exclusively for PlayStation, and soon after, partnered with Wham-O in hopes of creating a real-life replica of the game’s flying disc.

Wham-O’s limited edition Windjammers Frisbee challenges Frisbee fans and Windjammers enthusiasts alike to practice, perform, and compete using all of their favorite moves from the game beyond the screen.

“Wham-O is all about active outdoor play, which is why we were especially enthusiastic about bringing Windjammers’ flying disc to life,” said Pronin. “It is an absolute must-have collectible for any fan of this awesome game.”

In addition to launching the original Frisbee, Wham-O is also the company behind several other classic toys including Hula Hoop®, Hacky Sack®, and Slip ‘N Slide®.

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Brought to you by... DotEmu & WHAM-O!