Super Dungeon Bros + Canceled Games + Kick ass new title

Have a Windows 10 device? Check out the Windows Store and get... Super Dungeon Bros, free. Grab it by September 1, 2017... before the price tag goes back up. - RkRk

Have you noticed the shift to variety? Didn't we mention this awhile ago? Instead of gamers being burned out on gaming... based on one game or game genre, we suggested a change of pace and it has paid off by allowing other games (beyond the major focus on FPS at the time) to get more love. That's a beautiful thing. Speaking of free games, the Xbox classic... Phantom Dust is also available free on Windows 10 & Xbox One. - Blu

Wasn't there going to be a remake? - Luis D. Lucha

Yes... it was canceled. - RkRk

Scalebound got canned too. Makes me wonder if all the exclusives shown at E3 will even make it to the console. - Luis D. Lucha

That's why PC is getting more interest. You have less concern about a return on investment... there are a slew of games new and old (at least some) that have communities. Affordable games... and less concern about what will be released for PC, that concern is usually reserved for minimum requirements. - Blu

Yeah... drum roll! - RkRk

Certain games are a nice surprise when released on a system... but some gamers are saying... "Whatever" (now). PC gives a sure win place to game whether or not you have the latest console, and is still the recommended platform here because students and adults alike... can get more than gaming done on it (i.e. work/school related tasks). - Blu

Wait, how did we get to preference in console? - Luis D. Lucha

It's not really a preference thing, look at what I'm saying about... why we concur when it comes to PC. It ties into the mention of the canceled games. Games get canceled that don't see the light of day on PC either but considering the gaming options and versatility of the platform... it doesn't end in a disappointing investment. Consoles are usually bought for games, PC's are... PCs and gaming is one of the things you can do on them without worrying about money going to waste because game releases were at a minimum. - Blu

Yeah, they need to do whatever in the heck they need to do though to get games released on Xbox One. If it's a 1st party game, that game has reason to be canceled. - Luis D. Lucha

They have to reach out to us. - RkRk

More are starting to (under embargo). - Blu

Not us us, but it would be cool for SDGT to be consultants of... cool. - RkRk

(Snaps) Cool. - Luis D. Lucha

I'm not talking about... us... us either. Us as in gamers. Not a bad idea... if they listen. - Blu

lol That was funny. - Luis D. Lucha

Anyway... fans of side scrolling games may find interest in a current Kickstarter project called Okinawa Rush. A rep of the team brought it to our attention (thanks, Racheal), and it definitely takes me back... minus the parrying available in this game. Martial artists and fans of martial arts will probably get the biggest... "kick" out of this game (i.e. Baby Fu Clothing Co.) because they deliver fantasy while implementing techniques that can be found in traditional Okinawan Karate and other styles. It's almost like a 2D adventure starring... Ryu. Fight stick compatible. - Blu

This looks kick ass. - Luis D. Lucha

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co.