SDGT Studio the Comic + 2 Free Games!

Coming... Sundays to SDGT Ent! - RkRk

Took long enough. - Luis D. Lucha

He was busy... just like you were. - RkRk

lol It would be horrible for someone to say that at a restaurant. - Blu

Prepare to have something in your food. I'm not that crazy. - Luis D. Lucha

Health code violation! - RkRk

There was this place in Fort Myers where the cook would spit in your food because he had a bad day. Multiple complaints went unanswered... and as a result, customers dwindled. I don't know if that's why they went out of business though. - Blu

They should've gone out of business on the first day. The hell is that? - Luis D. Lucha

That... is a health code violation, they probably got shut down and didn't go back. - RkRk

Utterly disgusting. - Yang

This scares me, next topic, please. - Luis D. Lucha

You've been eating at home more anyway. - Yang

My mom has been cooking a lot more. - Luis D. Lucha

And here... we thought you were taking on the kitchen. - Blu

I have sort of. I take my health plate over there. - Luis D. Lucha

I am thinking of getting like 4 of those. - Blu

Just buy one and reuse it like I do. - Luis D. Lucha

No, it wouldn't just be for me. - Blu

Oh ok. - Luis D. Lucha

Okay granddads, back to games and... stuff. - RkRk

Really? Granddads? You do this stuff so you don't feel like a granddad. - Blu

lol heck yeah. - Luis D. Lucha

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