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Sclash: Don't underestimate this 2D Samurai fighting game + the First 30!


Slice Into Sclash - The Tense 2D Samurai Fighter Available Now

PC Version Also Gets New Sakura DLC Today in This Unique Hand-Drawn Fighter

Console players can now experience the exhilarating tension of samurai duels, as the critically acclaimed 2D fighting game Sclash slashes its way onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S! Developed by Bevel Bakery and published by Maximum Entertainment and Abiding Bridge, Sclash brings the art of sword combat to life with gorgeous hand-drawn characters battling across stunningly painted environments.

In Sclash, a single well-timed strike can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Players must carefully manage their stamina and breathing while sizing up opponents, looking for the perfect opening to unleash a deadly blow. With an intuitive yet supremely skill-testing combat system, Sclash captures the patient lethality and solemn drama of traditional samurai duels.

"We wanted to recreate the intense psychological warfare and surgical precision of real sword fighting in a way that was both accessible and endlessly rewarding to master," said Yuki Morimoto, lead developer at Bevel Bakery. "Sclash's deceptively simple controls belie an incredibly deep combat system that forces you to be hyper aware of everything from your spacing to your breath control."

Fun fact: Our dojo was split between karateka like myself... who were learning Uechi Ryu, and the other half were Kendo & Iaido. So while we were empty handed, they had (wooden) swords outside of certain occassions where non-battle ready blades came out for demonstration. Good times. -  Blu 

While the game may seem minimalist on the surface, players can take their skills online and duke it out against other samurai masters from around the world. There's also an immersive story mode that fleshes out the conflict between the warring Aki and Natsu clans through the lens of Japanese culture and history.

Perhaps Sclash's most stunning feature, though, is the breathtaking hand-drawn visual style that brings the characters and environments to life. Each of the 5 playable samurai characters and their 50+ unlockable skins has been painstakingly animated frame-by-frame, while the 16 battleground stages look like living Japanese ink-brush paintings. It's a real feast for the eyes.

The storymode is badass. Really look at the environment when you're in the heat of battle (especially the boss battles) and remind yourself that it's... hand drawn. I have to share this one with my Renshi, and i'm sure our Kyoshi would've been impressed. HAJIME! -  Blu 

To celebrate the console launch, Maximum Entertainment is also releasing the "Sakura" DLC for the existing PC version of Sclash today. This new add-on content includes two new customization items inspired by the iconic Japanese cherry blossom imagery.

Since first releasing on PC back in August 2023, Sclash has cultivated a passionate following among fighting game enthusiasts who appreciated its unique spin on the genre's fundamentals. With its easy-to-learn but insanely difficult-to-master mechanics and stunning visual style, it quickly established itself as an under-the-radar gem.

Now, with Sclash finally making the leap to consoles, an even wider audience can discover the unparalleled tension and exquisite artistry of this new take on samurai sword-fighting games. Grab your controller of choice, steady your breath, and prepare to put your focus and reflexes to the ultimate test against worthy foes. Just don't blink, or it may be Sclashed!

If it were me, I'd hold game tournaments at dojos, but... that's just me. HAJIME! -  Blu 

 + Blu 

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FTS: 2D fighting game ‘Yatagarasu Enter the Eastward’ launches worldwide on Steam in Q1 2024

KANAGAWA, JAPAN, January 9th, 2024 -- Yatagarasu Enter the Eastward, a new original 2D fighting game, will be released worldwide on Valve’s Steam platform and on the NESiCAxLive platform in Japanese arcades. The game release announcement was held at CES 2024 in collaboration with the gaming hardware maker MadCatz Global Limited.

This new Yatagarasu title builds upon the world and characters of the previous installment ‘Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm,’ with new characters and painstakingly balanced gameplay, and also combines high-quality traditional pixel graphics with simple gameplay that anyone can easily pick up and enjoy.

Plus it's fight-stick-friendly! -  Blu 

Mad Catz Collaboration

The game also features an in-game collaboration with Mad Catz in the form of stages inspired by the

renowned maker of gaming hardware.


Following "Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm", "Yatagarasu Enter the Eastward" introduces a new parallel world with new characters and gameplay meticulously optimized for your enjoyment. This game preserves the classic 2D fighting game format and features high-quality pixel graphics and a simple gameplay style that anyone can pick up.


Dec 25th, 1926. The imperial era name transitions to "Kobun” and seems to herald the dawn of a new

period in history... but behind the scenes, a Japanese nationalist revolutionary group has staged a coup d’etat with the goal of restoring "the divine nation of Japan." The revolutionaries acted swiftly, seizing control of the Prime Minister’s residence, the police department, major corporations, and newspapers.

Struggling to react, former government forces initiated a secret plan to eliminate key figures involved

in the coup through an assassination program known as "Yatagarasu." This covert operation was

assigned to the "Iga Clan", a ninja clan that exists today as an intelligence agency and who are also

known as "Government Dogs."

■New Characters

Wugui (VA: Shinobu Matsumoto)

An elderly butler who serves the last descendant of the now-deposed Suitoku royal family. Wugui was

retained by the former king, but his demeanor and skills are uncharacteristic of a butler and his

background is shrouded in mystery. He intends to use the current unrest in Japan to manipulate the

government and restore the royal family.

"It's time to purge."

Ao Tienyi (VA: Yumiri Hanamori)

The last living descendant of the Suitoku royal family. When the royal family was dethroned, she was

spirited away by Wugui and lived in hiding. She has agreed to Wugui’s plan to use the current unrest

in Japan to rebuild her former kingdom. Tienyi is naturally timid but decided to take on the role of the

"bright and cheerful princess" after being deeply moved by Kotaro's acting.

"Have I become the lady you wish for?"

Sistan (VA: Hisako Kanemoto)

Originally an automated doll designed to bring joy to people, Sistan was reprogrammed by a certain

nation to become a secret operative. She was dispatched to Japan on a mission to locate a ‘Divine

Drive’ said to be able to predict any event or grant wishes.

"I will execute my orders... and eliminate all obstacles..."

■ About Yatagarasu Enter the Eastward

"Yatagarasu Enter the Eastward" is an original 2D fighting game. Our goal was to provide easy-to-

understand gameplay so many people can enjoy the fun of fighting games. We deliberately kept the

gameplay simple and focused on building a strong base around the fundamentals of fighting games

and enabling players to enjoy the fun, core aspects of fighting games.

・An Original 2D Fighting Game

An original 2D fighting game designed in the pixel art style which has become less common over the

years. We paid close attention to designing appealing character designs and animations that can only

be expressed in old-school pixel art.

・Core "blocking" System

Yatagarasu's core gameplay mechanic is the blocking / "BL" system, which centers on deflecting your

opponent's attacks and counterattacking. This simple system makes it easy to understand and apply

strategy in the game.

・Simple Game System

For a modern fighting game, Yatagarasu is very straightforward. Our goal was to create a game that

anyone can pick up and play but also offers deep gameplay.

・Commentary System

In live settings, fighting games have an off-screen appeal that includes fun smack talk, cheering, and

commentary to engage the audience. To recreate this lively off-screen excitement, we’ve integrated a

commentary system into the game. This is a unique feature where real-time commentary and hype

play out as matches develop.

・Network Battle Support

For "Yatagarasu Enter the Eastward", we've implemented our own netcode from scratch. You can enjoy

smooth online battles with minimal network lag. This game includes a variety of features such as ranked matches, lobby matches, playing while waiting, and spectating. You can also use a website (Yatagarasu News) to check the current match status from your smartphone.

・Long Production Period and Intricate Improvements

We’ve worked on the production and updating this game for for a long time, constantly improving the

quality while listening to feedback from the fighting game community.

Distributor: Steam

Region: Worldwide

Price: $15 USD

Release timing: Q1 2024

System Requirements:

OS: Windows10,11

Processor: 3.0GHz or better

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Graphics: Must support 640x480 resolution

DirectX: Version 9.0

Storage: 1 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible Sound Card

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Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat is back with Mortal Kombat 1. This new installment features a brand new universe created by the Keeper of Time and protector of Earthrealm, Fire God Liu Kang.

The origins of your favorite characters are reimagined in this game, taking familiar faces and returning them with all new intertwined histories, interacting in brand new ways. The revision of Mortal Kombat in this reborn version feels like it was necessary because it reached the peak for me as far as where the story can go. They tie in Liu Kang being the reason for this, so even if the previous history is still lingering around somewhere, there's justification for why it's a new experience.

NetherRealm Studios is set to release the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat 1, which promises an immersive story campaign with never-before-seen content for each character. In addition to the new story mode, the game will also feature new kameo fighters, a revised fighting system, updates to game modes, and all-new fatalities.

The Premium Edition of Mortal Kombat 1 will include six new playable characters, five new kameo characters, one-week early access to DLC characters, 1250 Dragon Krystals (in-game currency), and a Jean-Claude Van Damme skin for Johnny Cage.

Pre-order bonuses for the game include a Shan Tsung character unlock, a Liu Kang steel book (while supplies last), and early access to the game. So pre-order now and get ready for some brutally intense fighting action!

Mortal Kombat will be released on September 30, 2023, on Xbox, Playstation, and Switch consoles!

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