Who is Chun Li?

Chun‐Li's actual name is Mandarin; Chun means "spring", Li means "beautiful", so she can actually be considered... the beauty of spring or a beautiful spring. She's the very first female character in Capcom's Street Fighter franchise. Chun-Li was introduced in 1991's Street Fighter II and... remained the only female character in Street Fighter until 1997's Street Fighter III: New Generation. 

Now... before you get ready to try and argue that down, remember... this is the main Street Fighter franchise. Of course, you have Street Fighter Alpha, but we aren't talking spin-offs (even though I love it and still own it on the PS1).

Chun-Li came into the game on a mission to avenge her father after the notorious psycho-powered M. Bison and his Shadaloo soldiers took him out. The other players were cool, but what also got my attention was that she was also an undercover Interpol agent. Her father was also in law enforcement and taught her martial artists, which she continued the trend by teaching young children after she temporarily retired. She put the badge back on when one of her students was abducted.

I still think that Capcom should do a fully animated film around Chun-Li's come up because her story is just that interesting, they could do it for them all but... I just think it would be solid. I'm not hating on Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, but... I want a full-fledged animation that gives the beauty of spring... justice!

After Street Fighter II rose to fame, Chun‐Li became one of gaming's most well-known characters and is depicted in some of the series' side projects, including films, comic books, and merchandise.

How many of you tried to do her kicks in real life? Come on... be honest. Oh, by the way, her qipao is worn to pay tribute to her late more who passed away when she was a child.

While not as actually amazing as different characters, Chun‐Li was by a wide margin the speediest. - Chika

I disagree with this comment from Chika. Chun-Li has an awesome skillset and in the right hands, she can dominate in tournaments. I'm not even saying that to diss any of your favorite Street Fighter characters, but... she has a solid skillset too, and she's easy on the eyes for plenty of gamers.

When it comes to her looks, her physique is actually based on the other characters (in the beginning). Initially, she was designed to look strong so that it would make sense to have her in Street Fighter taking on the male competition.

She got thicker in the thighs in later installments because the character designer is into thick women and is attracted to the thighs like Chun-Li has. Nothing wrong with that, a variety in character body types goes a long way and gives motivation to women and girls who may have a similar body type.

Overall, Chun-Li is a kickass character able to hold her own in a fight and definitely represents one of the good gals when it comes to fighting against the baddies. Hopefully the first lady of Street Fighter can get her own anime film showing her back story from the ups and downs in childhood, leaning Kempo, becoming an Interpol agent, growing up with her dad taking on Shadaloo, avenging her dad and training children in martial arts. Maybe we'll get something like that one of these days but in the mean time... game on.

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