Tech Ailments for Gaming + Work from home + Mobile Addiction!

There’s no doubt the pandemic has increased our reliance on technology and in some cases, our addiction to it as well. But what toll is that taking on your health?


A new study from Harmony Healthcare IT shows:

  • 40% increase in online searches for tech ailments since the start of the pandemic
  • 171% increase in searches for cybersickness
  • 255% increase in searches related to headache from screen time


So what’s the cause of all this tech pain? Gaming addiction landed the top spot among tech ailment searches, followed by computer vision syndrome.


Video games aren’t Americans’ only addiction. “Nomophobia,” or the fear of being without your phone, was the third most popular tech ailment search.


Check out Harmony Healthcare IT’s top tech ailments by state and which injuries have seen the steepest increases since October 2019. -  Megan S.

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