SDGT Blips: Tippies - Donald Duck Toy... let's open it up!

It's toy time... and I thought it would be fun to unbox a full set of Disney X Bandai toys known as... Tippies.
Recently I grabbed a couple of boxes of these... one box for my daughter, and another for my office because... (come on) why wouldn't I? These toys are 1.5 inches tall, so they aren't too big, but you don't have to position them a certain way... you can stand them up just about anywhere which will allow me to position them in various places in my office (where they won't be gobbled up by clutter).
There are 10 Tippies total, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and all their closest pals in kawaii fashion! They are super collectible, affordable, and cool. If you had these on your desk, you'll probably find yourself giving them a spin no matter how new or advanced you are in the game of... real life.
This time around I'm unboxing (which is more like unbagging) Donald Duck, which is a solid little peanut-shaped toy. It's not fragile... and if you step on it (barefoot)... you'd be the one hurting. Donald is for the Disney fans, but also for the boat and sealife-loving swimmers out there!
Add a boat and place ole... Donald aboard for a cool decor piece or pure fun! 

Enjoy playtime with a spin + tip + twist with Tippies. For Ages 3 to 103+!