Got a $100 for the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge?

When you think about it, this is a mini-fridge, you can get them... anywhere. Then you get a huge smile on your face over the fact that it's a freaking Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, like... heck yeah, Happy Thanksahallowishmas to me if there were ever such a holiday!

The Pre-Order window is almost here... literally, you can start pre-ordering on Oct. 19 (2021) and I doubt the window will be open long because you can only manufacture so many for the holiday window. I don't know how long these things will be in production, so if it's something you will end up kicking yourself in the butt about for not jumping on when you get the chance... pre-order when it's go time. Collectors will certainly want to snatch one of these up, just make sure no one opens it up. 

I hope the mass buyers sit this one out... because they've certainly gotten in the way of pre-order opportunities for a number of people all in the name of greed. Take 5, sit down, take a nap, forget about the pre-order window if you intend is to buy as many as you can in order to make someone pay you more than $100. Anyway, if you get one... enjoy your mini-fridge when you get it and... game on!

I know it's a fridge, I know this, but... I would've loved to see some USB-C outlets on this thing or something or have the top of the fridge be a wireless charging station.

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