Bots buy out Xbox Mini Fridge? Their HUMAN creators are responsible!

Let's keep it real, bots have no need for a damn Xbox Mini Fridge, dude! It's the people who created the freaking bots that came through and allegedly bought them out in 30 seconds or so. They suck!

Microsoft has a way to stop this, and all other companies do too but do they really care if they're still being sold? I think we owe it to the bot makers to leave them stuck with all the fridges they bought, don't pay more. Every time someone buys something like that, it just temps these losers to do it each and every time. I'm calling you losers because you mess it up for the rest of us, we can't even enjoy things like we use to because of these people, dude!

The same thing happened with hand sanitizer, then the bleach and toilet paper. We have to start fighting back by keeping our wallets closed to greedy resellers. Xbox is doing another wave of pre-orders in December anyway, so please don't feed the greed.

We had to wait in line for pre-orders, now bots can just buy every damn thing.

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