Happy 30th Anniversary... Sonic... congrats on beating... Bill Gates?!

2021 has been a big year for gaming anniversaries  Sonic the Hedgehog turned 30, Donkey Kong turned 40 and The Legend of Zelda turned 35, making our favorite video game characters top of mind for many Americans. 

To see which characters have made the biggest impression on Gen Z, We surveyed 1,800 Americans ages 16-24 and found that while 83% of Gen Z can identify Sonic the Hedgehog, only 67% recognize Bill Gates. 


Interesting Findings

  • 85% of Gen Z can identify Pikachu, making him the most recognizable video game character.
  • Gen Z correctly identified video game characters at an average rate of 80%, but only identified public figures with 56% accuracy.
  • Lara Croft trailed the whole group of most recognizable video game characters at 66%—perhaps because the player point of view shows the back of her head.
  • Just 40% of Gen Z recognize Zoe Saldana, despite her Marvel Universe credits and status as one of the top-grossing actors of all time. - Hilary J.

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