First 30: Dream Cycle (Early Access)


Dream Cycle is an ever-expanding adventure through a cursed, shattered dimension. Players take the role of Morgan Carter, a modern-day arcane apprentice whose essence has been stolen by her great-great-grand-uncle, the legendary Randolph Carter. After discovering that her path to the waking world has been obscured by dark magic, Morgan must venture into the Dreamlands to purge the realm’s corruption, recover her own powers, and thwart Randolph’s sinister plans to become a god. - Raw Fury

Before we dive into the First 30, check out the reveal trailer.

Dream Cycle starts out slow, but... that's not a bad thing if you need to get a feel for the game. This is still in Early Access, so keep that in mind but... venturing past the area where the First 30 ended, it gets more interesting. So I wanted to give the game justice by sharing the reveal trailer because the opening doesn't show enough.

The area where the First 30 ended actually acts like a hub that gives you access to the action... and the map from what I see looks quite large. You won't just run around with a sword, you will have access to other ranged and melee weapons, spells, and all that good stuff... as all hell breaks loose. You can play the game in 1st or 3rd person, so check out the fantasy action-adventure game below and... game on!

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