What exactly is... Townscaper?

If you don't know what Townscaper is... let me start by saying it's not exactly a game while being one. It's super casual, a chill & build... that kicks objectives, and just about anything else to the curb if it's not... click & create related.

In Townscaper, you go in armed with your finger, controller, or mouse to construct buildings, bridges, homes, stairways, lush backyards, arches, towers, and things like that. I can only imagine what ideas they have up their sleeve when it comes to updates. The game is a little addictive, to say the least, and you can certainly lose yourself in your creativity to the point that hours go by... but I challenged myself to do some 5 minute builds (for schedule's sake). 

If you have a busy schedule and love games that allow you to build to your heart's content, check this one out. If you don't have time to flesh out your town because you have to get out the door or a call came into the office... no worries, you can pick right back up where you left off.

Anyway, click play below and check out my first project in... Townscaper.

I'm playing the game with a mouse, and the controls boil down to... 

Left Mouse Button Click = Build
Right Mouse Button Click = Remove

Scroll Wheel Forward = Zoom In
Scroll Wheel Back = Zoom Out
Hold & Drag Left Mouse = 360 Camera Rotate
Hold & Drag Right Mouse = Camera Moves On X/Y Axis

If I could suggest one thing for this game... I would say that it should have people.
They can be simple, but I would like to see some moving around the towns that I construct for them. These aren't meant to be ghost towns, so that would be a nice touch, they have birds and other props that pop up based on the build so... why not people? This would be a nice update.

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