Summer Game Fest 2021 + Father's Day Gift Ideas!

+Father's Day Gift Ideas!

It's almost that time for our dear old Dad to get some love. Often Dad's can be forgotten, pushed to the corner and have all their contributions... ignored. Can we appreciate the good Dads out there, Stepdads, and Father figures?

I don't know your Dad, but I do know that meaningful gifts are always welcome. I'm doing a list this year, so... I'm doing it my way! (GWAHAHAHAHAAAA)
Grab your Dad a controller so that he can play some games he's interested in.
Grab 2 Controllers so that you and Dad can do some offline Co-Op and... bond!
It might be less than $10, but a nice-sized mouse pad could help your dad!

It's not the cheap way out to get a gift card, sometimes Dad wants the ability to
browse for something he may want. He knows better than we do!

You can't go wrong with a good pair of headphones, but make sure you know
if your dad prefers the standard headphones or the in-ear!

One of the ultimate gifts for a Dad right now... is a RAD Power Bike!
Dad can pedal or use the eBike to indulge on his need for speed.
RAD Power Bikes are customizable for fun, family, projects, and business!
It's always good to get Dad a gift, but don't forget to get him some grub
or gift him a gift card so that he can get his own meal(s) of choice!
Dad will remember how good you were to him on Father's Day!

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