Apex Legends goes Mobile... but + Top 10 Rankings!


As you may have heard by now, Respawns free-to-play battle royale game (you know the one that gave EA a breath of fresh air), is coming to mobile. Now, before you get too happy thinking that you can join the crew with a little cross-play action, just know that option is off the table (at least for now).

Respawn said that the free-to-play title is designed specifically for mobile devices and won't feature cross-play. At the same time... I shrug because... who doesn't have a mobile device? We aren't just talking phones, we're talking tablets too.

The only downside I see is your stats being left behind, and the potential inability to play without a controller. They should because... c'mon, you can game with a controller on mobile devices so... why not?

Jeffrey Rousseau brought up a good point about the mobile release being a risk... just like the Nintendo Switch version and its Metacritic average, but... I just don't see that happening on mobile unless it sucks. 

At the same time, there is a slew of free-to-play games on mobile... so we shall see how things go for APEX Legends Mobile. If you want in on the beta... here ya go: 


You will need:
Android versions above 5.1.1
Snapdragon processors above 625
3GB Ram Minimum
4GB Storage Minimum

Dear Developer,

I know you want this game to pop on mobile, and actually, I have to apply this to many developers. If you want your games to work on mobile and get an edge alongside your pre-existing PC + Console version... you should strongly consider connecting those stats together. 

I'm not a programmer, so... I don't know how that's going to work but it hasn't stopped other games with crossplay enabled.

Think about it... sometimes your various versions rival each other. If I'm home... I'm playing on PC, I'll play on mobile when I'm away... but why can't the stats be connected if crossplay isn't on the table? One doesn't X out the other, marry the stats for everyone to see.

By the way, shout out to the top 10 players in both Rank Scores & K/D... so don't lose your mind. These rankings are based on the current leaderboards from 04.19.2021. In other words, watch out for these players as you set your sights to the top!

Rank Score

1. NRG_Sweet_Rank_1

2. xBaronful


4. IPromoz

5. awesome tryhard

6. Moohnee

7. forceewut


9. axac_

10. OhP_SamCEEEE


1. abusing_r2


3. willLLUMINATI24

4. TERMK47

5. Tollis

6. blushy_OwO

7. shwinyy

8. HorizonParkster

9. NESposito

10. XEronisis

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