Wishmas List 2020!

So... today is the day to present my 2020 Wishmas List! 
These products are in no particular order, and get the job done for function and/or fun!

Off the bat... the 1More Portable BT Speaker. These speakers deliver a damn good audio experience... and pairs together for increased immersion. Portable speakers and headphones don't cancel each other out, there's a time and place for both. These speakers work great for in-home audio, but... they're portable and allow you to get out and enjoy music, shows, movies, and even games while outside or just away from home in general.

Portable speakers are mentioned first, because with Covid-19... I know that many are tired of being at home and... if you want to get out and switch things up... these speakers come in handy. You can use portable speakers to dance with bae, enjoy music at the park over a meal or dinner + a movie, have social distance workouts, and all that good stuff.

Another portable speaker that I have to mention in this Wishmas List is the Sony SRS-XB Portable BT Speaker... even if the body of some models doesn't exactly work well for all surfaces (while standing). This particular speaker wasn't reviewed on SDGT, but... I have to mention it because the party connect (of up to 100 compatible speakers) increases the number of things possible. You don't need a loudspeaker for group activities like yoga/fitness groups to keep everyone on beat + socially distanced, and if you break out the projector... you have some drive-in movie potential going on. BYOS!

This particular speaker is the Sony SRS-XB43

Mentioning a certain monitor this year is a bit of a challenge, even with monitor upgrades. This year I want to bring the price point down, but in the $50 to $200 range there really isn't a solid monitor with good enough specs. So to go slightly beyond that... I suggest the Viewsonic 27" WQHD.

This particular Viewsonic is a 27" curved gaming monitor for $229.99 with a refresh rate of 144Hz + a max resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a response rate of 3ms. It comes with FreeSync Premium under the hood as well. You also get 2 HDMI Inputs + 1 DisplayPort. There is a Gigabyte out there with similar specs, but... the max resolution is 1920 x 1080 for the exact same price. Just say... no. The Samsung Odyssey G5 is nice too, and also has similar specs as the Viewsonic... except it's missing that extra HDMI port.

Not everyone is looking for a new monitor, some of you have a telly on your wishlist. This year, I can easily recommend the TCL 6-Series. The TCL 6-Series R635 HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV... not only comes equipped with a Roku under the hood for pretty much all your streaming needs, but it delivers some really awesome quality for the price. You can place this TV alongside some of the more popular brands and get similar, almost as good, or even better quality as far as clarity is concerned.

Now... size is totally up to you, they come in 55", 65", and 75"... but I can't go bigger than 55" (personally). Either way you play it, just make sure that you have the right sized entertainment center or base to hold this thing. Again, with Covid-19 in full swing... the in-home entertainment is one of the easier things to upgrade if the price is right... and the TCL 6-Series 55" comes in less than $700!

The TV also includes HDR10, HLG, and... (drums) Dolby Vision! There are definitely other features in there... but you're welcome to check them out here as I move on to the next item on the Wishmas List! By the way, if you're looking to make your TV... smart for a decent price, consider the Chromecast with Google TV. You get the apps to stream to your hearts content + Google Stadia support is headed to the device in 2021... which gives you the option to game without a PC or console.

This next item up... is a surround sound system. Specifically the Logitech Z906 THX-Certified 5.1 Surround Sound. Before I jump in... don't pay $400 for this system, use this link so that you can price match it at Best Buy for $233.65! As a matter of fact, use any of these links to price match and get the best deal!

Anyway, the Logitech Z906 system delivers 1000 watts peak sound, THX-Certified + Dolby Digital + DTS encoding. If you're at home and want to enhance your audio experience... i'd have to recommend a solid system but the reason why I single this one out is because of the ports. I have Logitech, but I didn't want to make it a brand thing... I like the versatile setup of the Z906. You can connect multiple inputs simultaneously, which range from compatible 3.5mm devices, RCA, six-channel direct, digital coaxial + optical inputs. Also you get a control console + a basic but useful remote control.

Add this to your TV or PC setup and dive into your enhanced audio experience. There are definitely other brands out there to choose from for lower prices... but I haven't utilized a lot of them.

As far as headphones go, i'd easily add the 1More True Wireless ANC In-Ear THX-Certified Headphones. No wires, charging case, the case is also able to be charged wirelessly + the sound quality is just amazing. Check out the full review... here!

I can't forget about the Smartwatches. Specifically the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, because I can get that traditional look while still getting smart watch functions. I'm more inclined to have this sort of watch because I don't think the usual look for the smart watches look as good with a suit (IMO). Samsung gives you the option to decide on the size, face, and the band color (though there are some great third party bands out there if you want to increase your options).

I'm not hating on the Apple Watch, but I haven't invested in the Apple ecosystem, and I don't like the way the watch looks when paired with my style... but to each your own. Apple also has options as far as bands go, and they appear to have a crapload more than Samsung, so take your pick based on what works best for you (look, function, price). 

Smartwatches are on the list in general based on what they do, but I want mine to fit my style + enhanced functionality.

The Galaxy Watch 3 has a meditation feature, stress meter, a breathing sensor, a sleep sensor, mobile pay potions, voice command, talk to text, the ability to stream music and pretty much the features i'd expect on an Apple Watch. There are certainly other watches out there, but if either of these are on your radar... I chalk it up to the look but also the Galaxy Watch is compatible with both OS if I decided to ever switch up.

Another item on the Wishmas List this year are remote control cars, but I urge you to beware because there are a lot of really bad options out there. Avoid the cheesy ones that focus on gimmicks rather than actual speed and the ability to take on rugged terrain, they're a waste of money to me and buyer's remorse is bound to set in. I don't hate on the stunt RCs but the flipping tires aren't something that will prove entertaining for the long haul.

I'd go as low as the Bezgar 17, but i'd recommend something more on the lines of a Soyee 42 Km/h All Terrain RC. The Soyee is less than $100 bucks but delivers on the functions that will make it enjoyable long term. You can actually race against other cars on and off road and also take on the terrain. It has a water proof rating of IPX5, 100m max range + a RC390 Brushed Motor (at 21K revs/minute).
I wouldn't normally add this sort of product to the Wishmas List, but... it's a gift that can transform playtime into some serious competition and gets you outside (I was thinking about this when Nintendo unveiled Mario Kart Live). 

Just imagine several racers spaced out (safe distance in effect) around a track made to scale, that gives you the ability to enjoy the company of others and... race it up on or off road. No offense to Nintendo's Mario Kart Home Live Circuit, but... how much are you spending on that when you could simply get Mario Kart for the Switch? There's a major price difference and less is required, plus you have the ability to race against anyone regardless of what type of RC they own (no compatibility requirements).

This year... I don't know if I recommend a console, but if I were to recommend one... it would either be the Playstation 5 or the Nintendo Switch. No offense to Xbox fans, but I have my reasons. I would recommend a PC before either of those this year, which gives you the option to work, play or create. When you consider Covid-19 and how many people are forced to work or learn from home... the PC is probably the top item i'd recommend this year. PC's range in price and specs, but with the various streaming options for games... you can play games that require higher specs on lower end PC's for the same price you would have to pay for a console subscription (based on your internet speed).