Steven Universe: The Complete Collection... Reviewed!

Before I jump into this review, I have to give a shout out to Warner Bros for supplying Steven Universe: The Complete Collection... for this review. Secondly, I can't even say anything else right now... just... check out this sweet unboxing!

I can't recall seeing a collection presented like this before, it's like a book (as you see) and each page is a sleeve for the 15-discs... cataloging each episode. I love that about this collection, it's a creative way to house discs versus the standard case and booklet. Love it!

Story: This six-time Emmy-nominated show revolves around a half-human... and half-gem by the name of Steven Universe, who doubles as a heroic klutz that kinda sorta reminds me of Peter Griffin. He makes up 1/4th of the Crystal Gems that protect Earth. The rest of the team consists of Garnet, Amethyst, and... Pearl.

The episodes are served up as... minisodes about 12 minutes each, and... wraps heroic action in with digestible normalcy. I think show's like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and so forth... make this show even more embraceable... because it delivers a similarly laid-back approach while at the same time taking its own action-packed adventurous direction. The show progresses, while also delivering the day to day life that doesn't really seem to contribute to anything except for situational comedy.

Steven is described as the little brother of the team, and you can easily see that as the rest of the team looks after him... or tries to get him to stay put during his attempts to tagalong.

Considering his klutzy nature, and his inability to control his powers (initially)... it's the perfect reason to take the bench, but... his persistence gives the show charm. You have the hero missions that showcase Steven's potential, while also grounding things by way of his interactions around Beach City (the day to day as mentioned above). Everyone pretty much treats him like a nuisance... outside of the Crystal Gems... who don't really interact with anyone in the city unless the baddies show up.

I feel for Steven because he didn't get the chance to meet his mother... who gave up her physical form in order to give birth to him. He doesn't really show it initially, but he did get upset with one of the teens in town who said something about his mom... and he responded that he doesn't even know his own mom. Luckily the rest of the team sort of acts like a surrogate family, even if I don't understand why he doesn't live with his dad... but the show almost seems to sell this notion that he's in better hands with the Crystal Gems because his dad is too irresponsible.

Fun fact: Steven Universe is loosely based on Rebecca Sugar's brother.

Garnet is definitely the leader of the group (outside of the late Rose Quartz), strong, and silent... but she's up for a good time.

Amethyst reminds me of the little sister of the group that slightly older than Steven. She is super mischievous and tends to be the rebel of the group.

Pearl reminds me a little of Garnet, she's disciplined... while at the same she has her individuals quirks. She's particular and doesn't like for things to be untidy, she reminds me of a responsible teenager... still a bit on the immature side but she dances on that line with maturity. I label her like that because it doesn't take much to annoy her... as far as Amethyst is concerned.

Steven Universe: The Movie... takes the collection and wraps things up in a musical bow. I respect the fact that it's included in the complete collection because it provides information about the past while ushering you into Steven Universe Future. The movie isn't just a bridge that fills in holes, the Crystal Gems are faced with an enemy that basically forced them into a hard reset... outside of Steven's human half. 

The mission, which he chose to accept... is to basically recover the memory of the Gems while also saving the earth (not to minimize the second part).

There is also a kinda-sorta silly yet dangerous twist in there that I won't spoil (outside of pending doom), but I think it was nicely laid out. 

I think the music was digestible for the most part... because it wasn't just music accompanying you on the adventure, it was part of the plan... and the movie was wrapped up well. I still think that more could have been expressed where Steven's mom is concerned (and even Pearl to an extent), but... I'll leave it. I just think it would've made the movie more complete... (for me) when it comes to the antagonist, but I enjoyed it overall. You'll see what I mean.

You can watch the movie as a standalone, especially with those who aren't big on watching shows... but wait until you reach that area of the collection. It doesn't replace Steven Universe (the show) but at the same time, the show would be more appreciated if you don't jump ahead. I'm glad they didn't just tuck the movie in the back, they maintained the order of where it should be.

Speaking of where they should be, Steven Universe Future... is the cherry on top. When I tell you this is a truly Steven Universe: The Complete Collection, I think they did a fantastic job rounding it out from beginning to end. Steven Universe Future is... where they are now, with the charm still intact.

Visuals: As far as visuals are concerned, the art style caught my eye years back via Steven Universe: Soundtrack Attack... which makes sense as a rhythm game when I think about it. That's the first time I learned about Steven Universe... and I described the visuals (at the time) as sort of block'sh art style. It's still cool looking and doesn't cling on to traditional.

Audio + Extras: As far as audio goes, I think they nailed it. The sound is fantastic, and I'm wondering if they went the extra mile there based on the musical elements of the show. It also stood out to me during one particular concert scene that the surround sound was being utilized in the movie, and I literally jumped out of my chair going from speaker to speaker just to make sure. It lists Dolby Digital 2.0 on the box, but maybe that's not the case for the movie.

As far as extras are concerned, (dude) you're looking at hours of all-new bonus content that include:
Animatics, Minisodes, Commentary, Steven Universe The Movie: Sing-A-Long, etc. Things like the Sing-A-Long would be appreciated by those who like to sing... while things like the Animatics + Pitches would be appreciated by aspiring artists and others pursuing opportunities in the industry.

Price: In total, you're looking at 2062 Minutes worth of content across 15 discs... priced at the suggested retail price of $89.99, though you can grab the collection here for $69.99. Could they have added anything extra? You know I'm always game for extra... but they didn't have to based on what you get. A Steven Universe keychain would've been a nice touch... if they didn't deliver the collection in this awesome package.

Con: One drawback I have about the collection, actually has nothing to do with the shows and the movie... it's the awesome package they reside in. It's a sweet package (don't get me wrong), it's just this one thing... which is that the pages are... uhhh a little tight in this collection, so much so that you can't just slide the discs out. I want to mention this to those of you who plan to get your hands on the collection because I don't advise trying to pull the discs out the traditional way... because it would only set your collection on a path to Scratch City. 

Tip: I'd advise turning the book over and tapping them out far enough to get a light grip. Once you get them out far enough... I'd suggest leaving the discs out far enough to where they're just shy of the top of the case. This will allow you to pull them out, enjoy some Steven Universe action and... maintain the quality of your discs. While reviewing the collection, I put the book back into the protective case to prevent the dust from collecting... which could also compromise the collection.

If you're a collector who doesn't want to open your package, you can still enjoy Steven Universe: The Complete Collection on digital.

Overall, I can't say much that wasn't already said above. Damn good collection, and you're basically getting two shows + a movie w/ all the extra fixings tucked into a package worth being showcased.

Story 5

Visuals 5

Audio + Extras 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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