The Amazon Drawing Tablet


I'm not sure if anyone else has been wondering this, but Amazon should totally have a drawing tablet by now. It doesn't have to be this small... this is merely an example, but they could literally have a portable version and a desktop version of a good drawing tablet. They make nearly everything else.

Did you know that Amazon sells things like oil for your car and even... Ibuprofen? Those things sell... I totally get that, but I think that an Amazon drawing tablet would be a head-turner seller without there being a major stretch to make it happen. If they were looking for a way to truly make a noticeable revision to the Fire tablet... that would be it, at least for digital artists... but I don't think artists would be the only buyers. 

A pen-enabled tablet would be something useful for a large number of people... even if they don't realize it. Make the Fire pen-enabled and you give owners the ability to draw + write + sign documents. The ability to sign documents digitally goes a long way because you don't have to worry about printing things out just to sign them and scan them back in, which saves paper (and trees).

For now, you have the ability to use the stylus pens with the nub, but... there are plenty of drawing tablets on Amazon for a reason and it wouldn't hurt if one of them was created by... Amazon.

A stand-alone drawing tablet would be great for portable use, and it wouldn't be a bad idea if Amazon created a pen display similar to other products like the 13.3" Wacom One. If you aren't familiar with the Wacom One, it's also a tablet... but it's not standalone and lacks an onboard OS. You have to connect these pen displays to an external device for use... which in this case you have the ability to connect the Wacom One to a computer or mobile device. The big thing would be the price, and if the quality is there... the competition would be on and poppin'. I think $150 to $199 would be a killer price tag.
The Wacom One has a Full HD Display at 1920 X 1080 resolution, covers 72% of the NTSC color space, and 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity at $399.99.

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