EA wants to double down on Star Wars... is that a good thing?

As some of you know... EA executives spoke about how the company plans to double down on Star Wars after the huge success of select games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, during a "fireside chat". It may sound good in theory, and I won't say that it will result in failure, but... this is EA... so I do have a level of concern.

EA is no stranger to churning out games to a degree where the quality and creativity lacks. That's where my concern comes from. If doubling down means that... they need to pump their breaks, but... if it means that they're willing to double down on the development time to ensure that they release some of the best Star Wars related IPs ever, GodSpeed! Star Wars: Squadrons... looks like it could be a great game if it's not rushed. My fingers aren't crossed for them to fail, but they have to do the right thing to increase their chances of winning.

I don't mind the games being made (I'm a gamer), but quality over quantity. Even if you can release Madden games year after year... I don't even think that's a good idea. I've mentioned it before that they should honestly switch to releasing a full game every other year, and sell an updated roster pack in between releases. I think they would win more than they would lose with that setup... because there are Madden players who avoid buying the game every year since some feel like there is nothing new to enjoy other than an updated roster. So they put the game on pause... for a year or two (sometimes three), in order to experience something new.

Remember what happened when Battlefield was churned out? So even if making money is exciting for the big wigs... I think moderation should be their guide because you can definitely have too much of a good thing. EA executives are not making these games... it's the development team.

Speaking of the development, showing diversity in games is cool... but also make sure to increase the diversity in the development studios. That doesn't mean fire a bunch of people, but... make those opportunities accessible also to more Black applicants who make up just 1%  the industry.