Anthem: The actual development is underway not a rebuild

If you were on the fence about buying the infamous Anthem...
keep your eyes peeled, it may be worthwhile. Just look at... No Man's Sky.

Bioware was planning a longer life than the one Anthem was facing after launch, and I still don't know how things will work out... but editor Rob Fahey (in his Feb. 14th article) feels that it's a "rare second chance" that they're able to prevent the game from going into the scrap pile.

Nothing against Rob (I can agree with that part), but this whole situation involving Anthem is one gigantic cow pie (not the edible kind)! I don't see it as a rebuild of the game using the existing... bones, they're more so continuing the build and... replacing the placeholders + fillers that were put there to get you by until the game could actually move forward in development.

I'm not saying that they can't go back and do the right thing, I commend them for doing so... but the game was thrown together for release. EA has to get better with the QA (quality assurance)... we've been here before.

Developers: You can only cut corners so much before you end up cutting the wrong thing. I could really unload on EA right now, but... I'll leave it at that. I think the game is going to turn out to be good once it's fully developed... and no one had better be charged for what should have been the real game in the first place.

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