Is Nintendo in trouble: Something I saw at CES 2020

The Alienware UFO concept is the thing that caught my attention, and I wanted to speak on it before I forgot. The Alienware UFO can safely be labeled the PC version of the Nintendo Switch, because it gives you both TV + Portable gaming in one. 

I think that Nintendo should be concerned, because... they already took a hit on console. If console was a solid market for them... I don't think the Nintendo Switch would be around. I'm glad it is... because you're able to enjoy console games on the go, but if the Alienware UFO becomes a real thing... then a new competitor will enter the arena where they (sorta) stood alone. I say sorta, because you do have the Neo Geo X Gold console that allowed for home and portable gameplay... but it was to merely give willing buyers a blast from the past. 

So I won't say that counts... since current gen is the focus here.
I'm not going to lie, when I saw the Alienware UFO I was like "SHOTS FIRED... SHOTS FIRED" and they were sent straight at Nintendo.

The UFO is just a concept but... this past holiday season, we recommended the Nintendo Switch for portable (console quality) gaming. If the UFO can provide portable PC gaming (for real for real)... it would fit into that same category if it works well.

Nintendo still has the upper hand with... it's 1st party titles, but... PC has so many games that are potentially playable on the UFO... there is no comparison (again, if it works). It still boils down to preference, and at the same time... you're allowed to have more than one portable system, but... this potentially robs Nintendo of larger user base and even 3rd party game.

Its comes with the territory, but if the concept can be pulled off successfully and without any legal pushback from Nintendo... they may be looking at a challenge to their sure bet.

Nintendo may have to step their game up or go back to the drawing board. This may potentially shift them to 3rd party and... Nintendo mobile, potentially using an existing OS or an altered form of one.

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