The PS5 approaches... and so is the PS4's swan song!

Holiday 2020... PS5, are you excited... just kinda-sorta curious... or not interested?

It's a new console, yes... but other than the specs... I really just want to know about the line-up. I do hope that the PS5 is as backward compatible with the PS4 library as possible because I don't want to see a bunch of remastered games. Affordably awesome games playable on the new console... will make for an easier transition.

Backward-compatibility reminds me of PC to an extent, because... you get access to your PC gaming library (in many cases) when you upgrade. It's the most backward-compatible platform... without trying to compare to console, but it's the perfect example of transitioning from one to the next while still being able to enjoy the games you own and the older titles you'd like to own. So making the PS5 as compatible as possible would be a win for Sony, build up that PS5 base and wow gamers with those pending exclusives.

I know that Sony will have its exclusives (fingers crossed for the best of the best)... but I really would love to see some new installments or remakes of select IPs as I've mentioned before (i.e. Parasite Eve). Remember, Square Enix filed for a trademark for Parasite Eve... so I do hope to see something come of it... eventually.

The PS4 had a nice lineup of exclusives, and hopefully... Sony finishes strong with the PS4's last dance. As long as the price is right the PS5 will be a worthwhile buy... especially for those who wanted a PS4 but waited (especially if the backward-compatibility gives them access to last gen's library).

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