Dapple Baby products... Reviewed!

Recently some products came through the studio for none other than the super fantastic Clementine, so for the parents in the room... you may find an interest in this review.

What's funny about this package arriving at the studio is that... we've been checking out a few products to moisturize Clementine's skin, so I was jumping for joy (on this inside where no one could see it)... once I realized what it was.

The package included the Dapple Baby's Shampoo & Body Wash... Baby Lotion... and Bubble Bath.

The 16.9 oz. bottle's are nice and colorful... and grabbed my daughter's attention, but how well they worked was my question.

Each of the products lists that they last "up to" 48 hours, which doesn't necessarily mean 48 hours as a minimum (that's the max). Just wanted to put that out there... but it did work better than the standard combination we used prior, i'll get to the length sooner than later.

Another plus in these products is... what they don't have.

They don't have Parabens, Phosphates, Formaldehyde, 1, 4 - dioxane, Dyes, Artificial fragrances, no Phthalates and the list goes on. You may be smacking your lips thinking "Come on, son! How do you really know?", and i'd say that a third party confirmed it... which resulted in the products receiving the Clean Label Project's Purity Award.

The Clean Label Project is a Nonprofit Organization that tests products for their true contents, using an accredited analytical chemistry lab. The lab tests for harmful environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins. The Product Ratings are a result of the findings and published accordingly. 

That said... I won't drag out the results of these plant-based products any longer:

The fragrance-free Shampoo & Body Wash lathered up well (even with a little), I washed Clementine up and it didn't appear that her skin needed lotion... but I wanted to make sure that her skin was moisturized so I used some anyway. The sweet apple Baby Lotion came out nice and easy, and appears to last past the day and a half before she took a bubble bath... minus her hands and face (since they were washed before that time was up). 

What's cool about these products actually moisturizing for a longer period of time... is that it helps overcome that delicate balance of bathing too often, which can be a bad thing.

"Newborns don't need a bath every day. They rarely sweat or get dirty enough to need a full bath that often. Three baths per week during baby's first year may be enough. Bathing more frequently can dry out your baby's skin." - HealthyChildren.org

The fragrance-free Bubble Bath bubbles up well... and I don't know (I may have just been focused more on the results but) her skin seemed even more moisturized with the bubble bath. It could be because she was sitting in the tub a little longer playing in the bath, but the prebiotic botanical blend left her skin smoother than when she went in. I still applied lotion, but what's cool about this is that... I was able to use these products without going back to grab some moisturizer (other than applying some to Clementine's hands and face). I only used all three products on her once... didn't see a need to triple up, but... if your child has very dry skin... that could be the route you take.

That prebiotic botanical blend is actually violet, chamomile, lavender, jasmine and chicory. I bought another product prior to this package arriving, and it contained two of these ingredients.

The 48 moisturizer test was actually conducted at North Cliff Labs in Cincinnati, Ohio (reference #99-1704).

Price wise, Dapple Baby's Shampoo & Body Wash retails for $7.48, the Bubble Bath retails for $8.98, and... the Baby Lotion retails for $7.48. I think they all should be priced at $7.48.

The price can be a little steep for some, but when comparing what's in the products versus what isn't... it could be worth it for some parents (over other products that may seem good but don't measure up). Especially those who don't want any potential chemicals affecting the growth of their little one. We've done our best trying to use fragrance free products, but looking at these products and the third party scorecards... I felt comfortable using the scented products. Oh and the products are tear-free, just in case you were wondering.

It would be great to see a bundle of either the Shampoo & Body Wash + the Baby Lotion for $14, and the... Bubble Bath + the Baby Lotion for $16.

Overall, these products actually work... they're a good size and give me peace of mind when using them on my daughter. I can't forget about the fact that (outside of moisturizing Clementine's face and hands) these products help keep her moisturized until bath time comes around again.

Size 5

Moisturizes 5

Contents 5

Price 4

4.75 out of 5 Cool Points

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!