Mario & Sonic: The Frustration

Super Mario & Sonic The Hedgehog are two legends in their own right, right? They've both had some pretty awesome adventures... although i'd have to hand it to Mario for having more worthy of actually playing, but I won't get into all that (right now).

I'm just wondering... why do we have these two adventurous legends in multiple titles together, but we can't seem to get them in a collaborative adventure game? I'm sure I've spoken on this before, but... I don't know, it was just on my mind.

It would be a major win win for both companies. Nintendo Switch has a nice sized user base, and it definitely wouldn't hurt SEGA to have Sonic in a bigger spotlight than he's been in awhile.

I'm not talking about another Olympics game that i'll never buy, again.

I'm talking about a full fledged kick ass adventure game with tons of amazing action, adventure, Easter eggs and everything else. Where there's a will there's a way. 

What I wouldn't want to see is a 2.5D adventure that reminds me of... New Super Mario Bros Wii. Been there... don't want that. I wouldn't want to see the Blue Blur flying through levels either. Instead I'd like to actually see Sonic's speed used in a different way, you can't appreciate the worlds when he's just flying through. No offense to SEGA, but Nintendo would be the best one to hold the reins considering their track record with Mario.

I won't be dishing out specific ideas (sorry James), but they have enough to go on and the ability to marry ideas from both worlds to create something new and worthy of a sequel... if done right. It starts somewhere, but they already have the relationship... so there's no ice to break. One thing i'm confident a collaborative adventure would do without a doubt... is rake in the money.

Aside from that, i'd love to see a full remake to Sonic Adventure... and a full 3D remake of Super Mario World. If Capcom can do it, it's not above Nintendo or SEGA to do so... just saying. Game on!

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