LEXIP Mouse Ceramic Glide Feet Mo42... Reviewed!

Today we have the opportunity to review a product by LEXIP. The LEXIP Mouse Ceramic Glide Feet Mo42! These little ceramic circles go on the bottom of your PC mouse and the company claims that they upgrade the gliding quality of the mouse. 

If you look at the bottom of your mouse right now, you will see those little bumps near the corners of it to help with gliding. LEXIP's product is meant to be the upgrade to those, and with this review, you will find out if they can do the job as advertised.

Before I was able to test these out, I had to put them on a mouse. I whipped out one of the two alcohol wipes and cleaned the entire mouse, and then I washed my hands. I used the soft cloth to dry it and take off any lint lingering around.

The instructions say that the six ceramic pads have a self-adhesive base, but that's not true. They have separate double-sided adhesive circles in the box and you have to put those on the bottom of the feet before you put them on the mouse. 

I think the easiest way to do it is to take off the adhesive from the sheet and hold the sides between your pointer finger and thumb. Take the ceramic foot and hold it the same way on the other hand, then have one group of fingers horizontal and the others verticle. Press them together and now the ceramic feet have a self-adhesive base.

You have to take the paper off the top of the adhesive to put it on the bottom of the mouse for the last step. I was good until this point because I thought I messed it up, but I didn't peel it off correctly. The main con I have is the adhesive set up, it should've been on there but whatever!

After I defeated the adhesive process, there wasn't anything else to do but to test these things.

I didn't doubt the product, but they work better than I expected. I didn't have to put the effort into pushing the mouse, it just slides.

Check out my handy work. The big circles are the ceramic feet.

So is it a real upgrade to the mouse? Yeah, it moves it around faster and smoother. This product will be appreciated by the gamers more than the office worker, but both will like it. The only thing I don't like is the price. $19.99? They can be transferred from mouse to mouse with new adhesive, but I think they should sell them for $9.99. I wouldn't care about transferring my old ones to a new mouse if these were just $10.

Overall, these are good add-ons for any mouse that can really upgrade an already great peripheral. I'd want to see what other types of mice are out there for an additional $19.99, but these really do work. If you like your mouse and you want better movement, LEXIP has a real solution.

Usefulness 5

Quality 5

Setup 4

Price 3

4.25 out of 5 Cool Points

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