1MORE Stylish Dual-dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones... Reviewed!

Time for another headphone review... and I know this looks similar to a previously reviewed product,
but... it's not. The difference is... those are Bluetooth, these are not.

If you're looking at both 1More Stylish Dual-dynamic Driver (BT & Corded) In-Ear Headphones on the 1More site... you'll notice that they have very similar descriptions, but does one sound better than the other... or are you simply paying more to cut the cord? Let's find out after this unboxing!

I totally didn't realize that the preferred software that I use, doesn't allow for 4K video output.

As seen in the unboxing video... you have a magnetic flap on the box (closes tight). The interior showcases the concept art... which I always enjoy. You get your headphones, ear tips, and surprisingly a little storage bag... but don't try tugging on the bag to close it fully (the cord broke on me). 

It's not as quality a storage bag like the ones that cost more, and while its... something... they should consider a different way to close the case (like the ones that you squeeze to open and release to close). Even a zipper style case could work for these, but for now... I'd advise just placing them in the bag without pulling it closed. The rope has one of those metal clasp things that connect it to the other side... but it could've simply gone around so both sides are in the handle.

Like other 1More In-Ear Headphones, I've reviewed... I immediately switched to the smallest ones. If you're not familiar with my previous reviews of in-ear headphones, I tend to switch to the smallest ear tips because my ear canals aren't that big. I do this not only for the best fit (and to prevent ear discomfort) but also for the best listening experience.

If you get In-Ear Headphones... always make sure that you switch to the best ear tip fit to get your money's worth (if alternate sizes are available). Oh... and before I forget, I know the word "Stylish" and the advertising may make some of you feel that these headphones are for women only... but they aren't. So don't shy away from the not-so-typical colors if you like these headphones.

If the color pairs well with what I'm wearing... I'm there. The spearmint green is nearly the exact same color as my polo.
For the first time ever... I did a head to head simultaneous test of headphones. I put one in each ear and listened to the same track. I can honestly say... I didn't notice a difference (I was listening to the "Oil Money" track by Rick Ross ft. Jada Kiss... just in case you were wondering). The impedance is 32 ohms for both, they both have the dual dynamic driver, 1 Titanium diaphragm + 1 Graphene diaphragm.

The bass is good and has a nice range, no problems with the mids, and the highs check out (EDM sounds good on these). I like the clarity... although it's not as clear the 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones, it works. I really don't notice a difference between these and the Stylish Bluetooth version, so I think it more so boils down to whether you want a cord or not.

If you don't care for the Bluetooth version, but you like the color of the headphones... the wired ones could be the best option for you (especially if you have a headphone jack on your phone and don't want to deal with charging headphones). 

On the other hand, if you prefer cutting the cord... to avoid those annoying tugs and snags (especially during transport or workouts) then the Bluetooth version could work for you.

One thing I wish these headphones had was a shirt clip. I don't think it would've been much of a stretch for that little extra to be thrown in because it helps prevent the headphones from coming out of your ears from light tugs on the cord... or that slow slip out of yours from movement. I don't like the ear tips of my headphones to touch anything except my ears, the case, or another designated area. So the lack of a clip can result in these bad boys falling and touch who knows what. This is just something that comes to my mind, but... that's just me.

The Stylish In-Ear Headphones retail for $39.99 versus the Bluetooth version... that's currently $69.99. This wasn't to put the headphones against each other, but... informing you is the purpose for these reviews. I was going back and forth about the price of these, but $39.99 sounds about right (pun intended). That said... if you can shell out 10 more bucks, you can get the less-Stylish 1More Dual Driver In-Ear Hi-Res (wired) Headphones that come with the extras I wish were in this package. Maybe they'll marry the two one of these days.

Overall, the 1MORE Stylish Dual-dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones deliver at the price and are fashion friendly. I think 1More missed an opportunity though, and I know they're trying to deliver a range of products and price points... but the wired Stylish headphones would've been a better buy with the tech specs of 1MORE's $49.99 option.

Sound 5

Quality 4

Comfort 5

Price 4

4.5 out of 5 Cool Points

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These headphones were supplied by 1More for the purpose of this review!