iCaddy... Reviewed!

This one is for the parents looking for a portable cradle solution for their kids (or themselves).

This is the first review for the new format... which will allow for things to be segmented for those of you looking for specific information for a product. Enjoy!

If the iCaddy looks familiar, that's because it was revealed at CES & Toy Fair as they gear up for several major retailers in the USA & Canada.

The iCaddy we received is a bit on the... pretty side, but outside of the Molly Rosner options, they're also going to have licensed options representing Mossy Oak, Marvel, etc. Currently, there are 13 different themes to choose from (including a Skull design... and one with a Hawaii vibe).

Fun fact: This was created by a 7-year-old girl who started with nothing more than cardboard and toilet paper rolls to keep her tablet propped up. Great ideas usually emerged as solutions to problems... so that's cool. Her big brother took it from there and based on her design, the iCaddy was born.

The iCaddy is simple enough to use. It's a cradle that allows for you to position your phone, tablet, and even the Nintendo Switch in position so that they don't require you to prop them against something (or use that Nintendo Switch kickstand). That's a plus because you don't want to hold your device all the type, and this could be used to watch tutorials on cooking... video chats, and whatever else. Yeah you can kick back and watch a movie, but get the most out of it.

When running low on juice, the 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion power bank is just one plug away to get you charged back up. The plug that comes with this device is a micro USB... but that doesn't stop you from connecting a USB type-c. The storage compartment has enough space to place the USB cord along with the headphones... which are also a nice plus because parents don't always want to listen to what they're kids are tuning into (there are parents having nightmares about Baby Shark).

The included earbuds are 20 - 20,000hz, with an impedance of 320hm, and a sensitivity level of 104dB. They aren't the best headphones in the world, but they're included.

The iCaddy feels sturdy enough to take a few minor bumps, but... I'd be wary about dropping this on the floor (especially if it isn't carpeted). It just feels like it would crack... especially in the cradle arm that holds your device. This product is made of Food-Grade ABS Plastic.

The headphones are protected with metal around the sensitive areas, like the jack. I'd suggest Bluetooth headphones if parents want to protect the investment. Not because of the included headphones, but they're corded. I just see some kids jumping up from their chair and the cord tugging... causing the device and the iCaddy to hit the floor.

The iCaddy is totally portable, and you're able to just close it and place it in a bag or your pocket (if you have one big enough). The power bank adds to the portability because you don't have to sit near a plug outlet. 

You can place the iCaddy on just about any surface and enjoy yourself. That said... in a future version of this product... I'd suggest grips on the base because this will slide on a tilted surface. Believe me... I tried.

The iCaddy comes in at $24.99 retail, which is... okay. The sweet spot for me would be $20 without the grips on the base. Overall, iCaddy is a pretty cool product. It's a cradle... but it gives one of the pluses of a docking station (via the power bank), portability, and... space to store the included earbuds. 

Usability 5

Durability 3

Portability 5

Price 4

4.25 out of 5 Cool Points

Check out the iCaddy for yourself at ShopiCaddy.com

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