FTS: Final Fantasy XIV Online... GO?!


Geo-Location Technology Transforms Real-World Locations Into Gathering Nodes and Smartphones Into Harvesting Tools

LOS ANGELES (April 1, 2018) – It’s time for fans of FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online to suit up and gather their farming gloves as SQUARE ENIX® today announced the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO app, which opens up Eorzea® to the real world. Players can go outside and harvest natural resources that can be used to craft in-game items and gear.

While utilizing the app, players will be notified about harvesting nodes and natural resources in their area via their smartphone’s geo-location capabilities. As they get close to the node, players tap their screen for a chance to harvest the resource exactly like they would in-game.

“It’s about freedom”, says Haimirich Fischer, VP of Innovation at SQUARE ENIX, “We wanted to empower over 10 million players to be able to gather wherever they want, whenever they want, without the restriction of their PC or consoles. By bridging the digital and physical worlds, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO creates that freedom and fosters social interaction between the members of our amazing community.”

A unique FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO Harvesting Stick accessory will also be available for use in conjunction with the app, effectively turning a player’s smartphone into a miner’s hammer, botanist’s axe or fisher’s rod. This allows players to swing their phone in the real world like they would in-game to harvest resources, boosting a player’s harvesting success rate to 100%.

“This is the most immersive MMORPG experience for players of all levels and a must-have accessory for every gathering enthusiast,” states Adalberta Gardner, Lead Designer at Amajina Apps, about the Harvesting Stick.

For more information about the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO app, please visit www.finalfantasyxivonlinego.com 

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