Shantae Half Genie-Hero goes Ultimate with a bundle for Nintendo Switch!

Wayford is at it again... bringing an exclusive Shantae Half Genie-Hero Ultimate Day One Edition to the Nintendo Switch in physical form.

Can we recommend this game in the physical form for $39.99? Heck Yeah...  for fans of platforming games and fans of games that deliver extra love in the package (Wahahahaaa). You get the "Risky Beats" soundtrack CD + an Artbook... which is a win already, but... like other ULTIMATE games, you get all the DLC action (like BAM) and you aren't downloading any of it (it's on the game card).

This totally has nothing to do with this post... but Luis was losing his mind playing Rocket League today. His team kept hitting him and knocking the ball toward their goal, I think we might have to buy some mouth soap for the office (technically I guess that would be... toothpaste). Game on!

If you don't have a Nintendo Switch, but you have a PC... you can always get the digital game here (DLC not included and... you don't get the other physical goodies)!

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!