The new Xbox X Stream device is available... now!

Xbox goes... mini, in a sense. Here is the Microsoft Store Exclusive Xbox X Stream.

The XBXS isn't a self contained console, its a streaming box that allows you to stream games from Windows 10. I don't know if that means games from the Windows Store or any games playable on Windows 10 (including Steam). Its a win if it can play Steam games also.

I don't think this means that the Xbox One console will be replaced, but I think they're acknowledging the fact that some gamers are not going to buy one, so the be option to appeal with a streamable option.

It may be Windows Store only though because it is business vs business, but the competition is fierce... so good luck on that one. I won't count Microsoft out though because the Windows Store has games releasing at the same time as the Xbox One.

The Xbox X Stream bundle will cost you $79.99 and comes with... the XBXS, an Xbox Wireless Controller and... the Xbox Flex Headset. The XBXS and the headset are exclusive to this bundle. You can get it at the store or online.

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By the way... Happy April Fools Day!