DooDoo Juice... Reviewed! + SDGT Comic

This review involves poop. Yeah, poop, enjoy!

I just had to do a review about this product, and it wasn't to rescue us from Luis's aftermath. First off, the name is comical... and the company even takes a light-hearted comical approach with their product description (found on the bottle). I got a good chuckle, which was appreciated and felt challenged to make a comical review. So here we go!

Have you ever had to take a massive dump and didn't want your friends, co-workers or your new Bae to know (even though everyone goes... and you're not some magical being with the ability to avoid taking craps... ever)?

Well, we got the hook up on this spray called... DooDoo Juice. Sounds like a horrible prank that will result in a stomach pump, but this is actually real. It's not something you drink (so please don't try), and it's not actually some sort of juice extracted from doo-doo... it's a citrus-scented product that you spray prior to... the doo. You spray the toilet before you drop the 1 - 2 combo and no one will know. 

It's funny though because everyone goes (including you)... and even that becomes the motto to try to get out of the embarrassment of "going". "Everyone goes", that's more than the duh of the day... try "I took a dump because I'd like to live". No matter how big of a duh that is... it's still one of life's embarrassing acts (at least to some).

I tried DooDoo Juice out today as a matter of fact (don't judge me)... and it works. No courtesy flushes needed.

Pretty cool stuff... and it comes in handy for those times when there's a line at the bathroom and a dump feels more like a lightning round on a game show (I'd call "the Deuce"... for obvious reasons). Where you race against the clock to get in and get the crap out at record-breaking speed so that the next challenger can try to beat your time.

The price works at $8.99, but I think sales would increase if it were in a sweet spot of $4.99. Right now it's one of those products that would work for some of us at that price, but it would be an impulse buy at $4.99. I'd even expect multiple orders at that price, which would be 4 bottles for $20 but they do provide a discount if you buy more. The design of the label is simple, but... I think its just right. The bottle size is small enough to fit in your pocket, or your purse (hint hint).

I appreciate the citrus scent of this product too, which smells waaaayyyy better than the smell it's replacing. Trust me, I'm appreciating it already. Burritos at the office today, so trust me I'm very happy. Check it out for yourself at

Product Design 5
Product Quality 5
Product Scent 5
Product Price 3

4.5 out of 5 Cool Points

Brought to you by... Baby Fu Clothing Co!