Guard Your Grill: Doctor Plotka's Toothbrush... reviewed! + SFV: A.E. Cinematic Trailer

This is totally a left-field review... but the team at Doctor Plotka's MouthWatchers was nice enough to send toothbrushes to SDGT! After using it for a few weeks, I can honestly say Doctor Plotka's is hmm... awesome! Believe me when I say that... not all bristles are created equal. This toothbrush has a full brush head along with bristles that floss. Yeah, it says it on the package, but you have to use it... it really works.

I've used all sorts of toothbrushes, from known brands to brands with no branding. This is the best toothbrush I've used thus far. No other toothbrush has ever left my teeth feeling clean throughout the day. We enjoy our meals and snacks around here, so I looked forward to challenging their slogan with every bite.

After using it, I'd like to gift some out... but I will have to put a note in them (because what in the heck would that say to gift someone a toothbrush). So it will probably go a little something like this, "I thought it would be awesome to gift you one of these toothbrushes... not because I think your teeth are jacked up, don't think that. It's because I think your teeth deserve better."

Overall, the handle and the grip are okay, its something I've seen before... but what this toothbrush does... earns 5 out of 5 Cool Points!


Speaking of grills... Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is coming and for those who decided to wait... the wait is almost over. Check out the cinematic trailer below and prepare to guard your grill, Jan. 16, 2018 (HADOKEN)!

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