This is Goodbye to Net Neutrality... or is it?

Goodbye Net Neutrality?

Well... that happened. Net Neutrality has been repealed and we don't know what it will mean for us, other platforms, and fellow gamers like you. How can an ISP gain my respect in the wake of net neutrality being repealed? Simple... don't throttle sites and don't be a scumbag trying to feed greed & control or you deserve to be boycotted. I say that because it doesn't automatically mean it will be done, but if there wasn't anything to worry about, net neutrality would still exist. It's because someone wants to do something without facing consequences. Ajit Pai tried to pathetically assure us that it will remain the same, but I just don't believe him. Yeah... we might be able to shop online or game online, but prices will likely be higher the way they did with Netflix.

The New York Attorney General (Eric Schneiderman) revealed that the names of deceased citizens were used to comment on net neutrality. I can't be... assured of things like this, but also... I just know better. If you participated in the fight to save net neutrality, this could be a silver lining because to use someone's name in a fraudulent manner isn't exactly... legal.

If this (in anyway) swayed the decision, it needs to be considered in reversing the decision... and legal action needs to be included. That's super foul... and I wouldn't be happy seeing the name of my family member(s) used in vain to influence something like this. Would you?

OMG Dude, Ajit Pai is just a pure d-bag in its prime. Using dead people as moral support? I hope they haunt these losers. Who does that? I think everybody who gets affected by this financially should be able to sue. The corruption is real. They don't care about the jobs that might be lost because of new fees, people need to eat and pay bills!!!

It can still be overturned, so the fight isn't lost but the bigger entities better do something. There is a host of companies with a lot to lose.

Yep... the repeal can be overturned in court or Congress. Legislation is being worked on now by Ed Markey... so the fight is on. All isn't lost! Now let's go get food!

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