Yet another reason why gaming is awesome! + More!

Deus Ex this... that... etc.

In this article, you're getting SDGT's full attention. Not only by way of the coolness from the Deus Ex world, but because of something really cool that has emerged. You also have the option of being a part of it.


Seriously... for the people who think gaming is just a waste of time. Obviously you're just too close minded to give it a chance, but I can still respect the fact that you don't wish to play video games. Everyone has their preferences, but don't dump on the people that do, especially if they aren't hurting anyone and it either part of their career or not interfering with life's necessities. 

If your hobby is something else, enjoy it, but some of us happen to prefer gaming as a hobby. Before I get into a full on write up about that, the reason for this post is something awesome that is coming out of gaming (yet again) for the greater good of people (no matter if they game or not).

Check out the video, and ask yourself... seriously... if gaming is just a waste of time or if some awesome things can come of it. What you see in this video will help multiple people in my opinion.

What do you think of this cool collaboration?

To keep the Deus Ex action going, here is nearly 18 minutes of gameplay action from the City-Hub Gameplay Demo:

I can't wait to get back into the world of Deus Ex. Square-Enix has been going hard, and I commend the individual development studios for kicking butt because new entries to these franchises have been fantastic. 

I don't want to say that the old ones suck, but i'm glad to see the franchises reach the point they have reached.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming August 23rd, 2016!

Want more out of your Deus Ex experience?

How's about an arcade experience at no additional cost? Deus Ex: Mankind Divided... will have a mode known as "Breach"... that places you into a virtual world that deserves to be enjoyed in VR (in addition to the overall Deus Ex experience). I still don't have a full understanding of this experience, but a faster paced experience to change things up... is a plus.

We were also delivered Deus Ex: Mankind Divded - Breach

Oh... and before I wrap things up, Mobile gamers are not being left out of the awesomeness. 

Even though the action could've been longer in the trailer (Square-Enix)... Deus Ex Go, looks like it could be very interesting. What i'm curious about mostly is... how they're going to change things up to fit the Deus Ex world. I don't just want to navigate from point to point in a dull layout.

Just like in Lara Croft Go & Hitman Go, you get a different feel in art style... and I want to see how the world can be presented in this game. Having cities to play through would be cool and with what I've experienced thus far in the GO game's, I have faith that it would work out well.

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