Showtime aka E3... everything!

Do we really need to explain what's going on this week? Not for everyone, but (but... but) we are going to say it anyway(!)... "It's time for E3 2016!". So what we plan on doing is making this the link for E3 everything, including the things around the E3 window... and slightly after. I'm going to kick back, eat some left over pizza (#NomNom) and enjoy. Join me (just scroll below). ;) 

So stay tuned, share, subscribe and game on!

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Took awhile, but I took out the Elusive Target. My tip to you would be to look at the specific building and go there to shave down on time, unless they don't give a specific area within a location.
There is some lag due to some high encoding, OBS was notified.

By the way... we're in Orlando, so we couldn't exactly bring news yesterday. It was rather chaotic with the shooting, but what you may not have heard is that the mass shooting was the 4th incident that occurred this past week. Which included the situation with the singer.

When I see stuff like this, I can't help but think of the number of crazies out here who pride themselves on either being irrationally crazy to a murderous extent... or they're simply just crazy as hell and they don't realize it. There are plenty that game too and want to be included with those of us who do not deserve a finger pointed in our direction. They stand alone unless they're with an organization committed to such things. PEACE!

Now that I've gotten that off my chest... lets get back to the action.

I think this is going to be an upswing for PC gamers because low to mid range is usually the peak for the majority of PC gamers. I just might build a new AMD based system. ZhΔ“n bΓ ng!

Pick your poison below:
Youtube Live @ E3

IGN Live @ E3

No expectations for E3 this year... we're just enjoying... what there is to enjoy. We were talking and that where we ended up, no expectations keeps it simple, eliminates potential disappointment... but if we see something awesome (cool)! Enjoy the live action above, and the things you've missed will be posted below.

Microsoft E3 2016

Sony E3 2016

Nintendo E3 2016

EA E3 2016

Bethesda E3 2016

Ubisoft E3 2016

Mafia 3
World Premiere

The Walking Dead: Season 3
Developer Interview

Battlefield 1 Gameplay