From the Source: Square-Enix... Adventures of Mana... for Vita + About the Vita!

This brings back... memories... friends chilling out gaming until the crack of dawn... waking up around 11am... refreshing and doing it all over again. Good times. (SIGH)

Before you scroll down to the game news (that's also about the Vita... via the game you see here), I just want to say that I personally think the Vita still has a chance to please even more gamers... if +PlayStation gives it the love and attention it needs for the long haul. I'm not even talking on the lines of being a competitor to the Nintendo handheld(s).

As a matter of fact... to hell with that argument. As long as the... MEMORY CARDS are reasonably priced (the hardware is practiced attractively) and developers keep on building up to what is quite the sweet library, it could be... something worth purchasing no matter what else you have. If enough of a supportive base is there, that works... and some people love longevity instead of the constant forking out of money for the latest after just 2 years or so. Some games take 2 years to make. I'd love to play re-imagined titles of the past (from PS1 & 2) remade for the Vita. Not every single game (because some games sucked) but these yesterday systems are purchased for good reason... and something tells me it has a little something to do with the available library.

New tech is good, but I think a new Vita 2 and it's technical enhancements... would gain more praise for having less dependency on 1st party memory cards.

To piggy back off what Yang is saying... hmmm, even if Sony wants the sales of their cards to be the only ones for the system, it's not smart. No matter what card is purchased (which some would likely be too slow for what the tech requires, but for the compatible ones) they would be purchased... for the purpose of being used with the handheld. So that would be another owner of the hardware, giving developers more potential sales for games. More power to the system and any growth it gets with the growing library... as long as the gamers benefit well. Game on!

Square Enix
LOS ANGELES (JUNE 28, 2016) – SQUARE ENIX® kicks off the 25th anniversary celebration of the beloved MANA series with the digital release of PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system version of ADVENTURES OF MANA.

Originally released as FINAL FANTASY® Adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1991,ADVENTURES OF MANA is the epic story of trusted companions who journey to protect the sacred life-giving Mana Tree from the powerful Dark Lord of Glaive. This remastered version offers fans the enhanced visuals, revamped menus and a rearranged soundtrack from the game’s original composer. The background music for the original Game Boy version will be available on all platforms.

This title is available now for through the PlayStation®Store for $13.99. In celebration of the anniversary, the mobile versions of ADVENTURES OF MANA and SECRET OF MANA® will be available at a discounted rate.